Riding My Horse Through the Pet Parade

I hadn’t planned on riding my 18 hand, 2200 lb. Percheron through the Bend Pet Parade, but I am glad I did! It is the second time that I know of that he has been ridden in in 15 years and he didn’t complain a bit. I had ridden him earlier this February after he pulled my son and I on a sled. For this parade I climbed on him using the horse trailer for a ladder and was afraid to jump off because I didn’t know how I would get back on! After over an hour on his back I was so ready to dismount. He is easy to ride but very uncomfortable. Dan is so wide it is like trying to wrap your legs around your kitchen table!

We were even on the news! There is a flash of us going by the camera at about 50 seconds in after the part about the pancake breakfast. Next year I want to make a train of Radio Flyer wagons full of kids and have Dan pull us while I drive him from the front wagon!

Ready for the Pet Parade

Dan and I are out in front of the Deschutes Historical Museum waiting for the Pet Parade.

Horses in the 4th of July Pet Parade

 My friend Zoe is riding the little white horse. I should have taken Dan to her house to have his mane and tail dyed red, too!

Riding Dan through the Pet ParadeA fan took this photo of us.

Pet Parade

Happy Independence Day!