Old Mill Wedding

This day was so hot I couldn’t even wear a hat! I picked up the bride and her father near Les Schwab Amphitheater. We took advantage of the wildflowers to have Chris Mather Photography capture some beautiful pictures.

In front of Les Schwab Amphitheatre

Bride on the carraige

The wedding was held at Farewell Bend Park, but I took them on a side trip through the Old Mill first. The bride was able to spend a few minutes with her father on the way there and I think she enjoyed being the center of attention for everyone shopping at the Old Mill.

Bride and Dad in the Old Mill 3

Then we got on our way to the ceremony where the bride made a grand entrance with her father.

Carriage ride to the wedding

If anyone is looking for a unique wedding venue, I think that the pavilion at the park was a great place to have a wedding. Guests parked at the Bend Metro Park and Rec facility and walked across the foot bridge to Farewell Bend Park. There is limited parking at the park itself, but the short walk over the river is a much better entrance for the guests.

After the ceremony I swept the newly wed husband and wife away to be alone before they met their guests at the reception. They wanted to spend the time together and it gave their guests time to get settled at the reception before they arrived.

Bride and Groom kiss under the veil 3

My Percheron horse, Saucer, is so used to being in traffic we were able to pull into the traffic circle at Reed Market and Brookswood to take a few pictures in front of the flowers. Almost every car that went by was honking and congratulating the bride and groom.

Traffic Circle


It was a beautiful wedding and Cowboy Carriage was very honored to be a part of their most special day!

Bride and Groom

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