Marriage Proposal – Matt and Brenna

There are certain things that women dream about from the time that they are little girls and want to remember until they are old ladies. Weddings and the marriage proposal are at the top of the list and guys, you don’t want to come up short of their dreams! She is responsible for a big portion of the planning of the wedding, but the proposal is all on the men. You need to put some effort into it!  It needs to be well thought out, romantic, a beautiful setting, and a surprise! The goal is to prove that you are worthy of her, right?

Matt knew what I am talking about.

Matt understood what I am talking about. He called me and said that he would like to hire Cowboy Carriage as part of his marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Brenna. So that she did not immediately figure it out, we made Valentine’s Day the cover story. This is actually the fourth marriage proposal that I have been part of, so I have all of the details ironed out! I made brunch reservations for Matt at 10 Below in the Oxford Hotel. If you want to be sure you are treated right, trust the Oxford!


Matt and Brenna 16

I parked the horse and carriage right in front of the building so that when they stepped out of the elevator Brenna could see the whole thing. When they walked outside I jumped off the carriage, said ‘Hi’ to Matt and ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to Brenna. Boy, was she surprised! After they were cuddled under a wool blanket I took them through Downtown Bend, down along Drake Park and across the river on Galveston. Then, back up the river along Harmon Park. When I got to the end of the park there is a foot bridge that crosses the river back to Drake Park. I made a lame excuse that Dan was breathing hard and could use a rest. Since we were right at the bridge I suggested that they check out the view.

Now it was time for the main event. What I forgot to mention was that the whole time, a photographer friend of their family was stalking us and taking pictures! She was in her hiding place on the Drake Park side of the bridge. As Matt and Brenna walked out onto the bridge so did a few other couples and joggers. He played it cool and let them clear out. When the bystanders got to the other side, they saw the photographer lurking in the bushes and figured out what was about to happen. When he knelt down and produced a ring there was an inconspicuous crowd that cheered!

Matt and Brenna 03

I told Matt that if she said no he could always make her walk back!


Matt and Brenna 10Matt and Brenna 22 

After they spent some time together the photographer popped out and congratulated them. They had a little photo session on the bridge and back on the carriage before we finished the ride back to the Oxford. When we arrived, his family was waiting to congratulate them. Romantic. Well planned. Time and effort. Something she will never forget!

Guys, this is the reaction you are looking for!

Matt and Brenna 27

If you would like to see more pictures you can see that on the Pink Bridge Photography Facebook Page.

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