House on the Metolious Wedding

I think that theĀ House on the Metolious is the most beautiful place that I have seen in Central Oregon and this was the most beautiful wedding! The time and planning invested in the wedding by the bride, her family and Laura Chick of Incredible Events showed. The setting was perfect, the timing was flawless and everyone knew what was happening. Not only did they plan the wedding day, but they had an entire week of events and activities for the family and friends! What a great experience for everyone!

Tyson and Alexa

The ceremony was a short walk across the Metolious River from the lodge. It was about a 5 minute ride down to the river, across a wooden bridge, into a beautiful tree’d area on a hillside. It made perfect stadium seating for the ceremony with the meadow and Mt. Jefferson behind the bride and groom. We made 4 trips from the lodge to the ceremony carrying the bride and groom’s grandparents, parents, bridesmaids and then the bride. While the guests waited a the ceremony site they had a cocktail bar and music to enjoy.

Lifting her out of the carriage at House on the Metiolious

Brides shoes on the carriageSo, I have noticed that women like shoes. When it comes to the wedding, even though the dress is the biggest focal point and it usually covers the shoes, they are still important to the bride. When the photographer is working with the bride in the carriage I ask about her shoes and she lights up! The photo of the shoes on the white leather seats is always a favorite photo for the brides!


Horse and Carriage in the meadow at House on the Metolious

If you would like to see more pictures and a letter written by the bride, Alexa, about her wedding you can see it at the Central Oregon Wedding and Event Show website in their Planning Guide.