Horse and Carriage Wedding Overview

I wrote this article for a wedding magazine that decided to not use it. I’m not going to let it go to waste so I am publishing it here.

Cowboy Carriage offers a variety of horse-drawn carriage and wagon services specifically for weddings.

First, our horses Kurt and Roman are a matched pair of dapple gray Percheron that are 19 hands (Four inches short of the current world’s tallest horse) and around 2,200 pounds apiece. Beau is an 18 hand Percheron but, he is all black and nearly as heavy. They look sharp dressed in their gloss black harness.

Next, our carriage and wagons. The carriage is a vis-a-vis (face to face). It is black with white pin stripes and white leather interior. It was special ordered specifically to be used in weddings and is one-of-a-kind. We thought a white carriage would mask the details of a bride’s dress and colored seats may clash with wedding colors. If the weather is being uncooperative, we can put the top up to keep the bride’s hair looking fabulous. The carriage seats four adults comfortably, maybe six, and a little flower girl looks cute up in the front with the driver.

Our small wagon seats six and is perfect for transporting the bridal party to the ceremony and giving rides to guests afterward. The carriage and small wagon can be pulled by one or two horses.

The large wagon holds up to 20 adults hay-ride style. We use it for pumpkin patch rides, festivals and our horse-drawn brewery tours in Bend which are excellent for bachelor/bachelorette parties. We start those before lunch and spend five hours touring and sampling at Bend’s best watering holes. We finish early so we can get the boys home for dinner. A 2,200-pound hangry horse is not a sight you want to witness! Plus, it gives the opportunity for the guys and gals to go on the tour together and still have time to do their own thing in the evening. It’s also a fun activity for guests from out of town. If a party books a wedding and brewery tour together, we give a significant discount to the bride and groom for their wedding.

Arriving in our carriage makes an entrance fit for princesses that will make even your mother-in-law cry. If that sight isn’t enough reason to hire us, there is another reason to have our horse and carriage at your wedding. We make a perfectly smooth transition between the ceremony and reception. If the two events happen at the same location, when the bride and groom leave the ceremony they will be the first people to the reception! How about a romantic carriage ride in between with a stop for pictures and some time alone before you spend the rest of the day with family and friends? This gives time for everyone to move to the reception and you have the opportunity for another grand entrance!

We are located just east of Bend and do most of our work in Central Oregon, but can travel anywhere in Oregon for weddings or special events. We work in Salem at the state fairgrounds for Ag Fest, at Olson Farms Pumpkin Patch in Damascus in October and you can find us all summer long giving rides in downtown Bend.

Give us a call and we can set you up with a wedding experience that will still be talked about on your 50th anniversary.