Christmas 2018

2018 Holiday Wagon Rides Sponsorship

Imagine your brand being seen during the most prolific shopping cycle of the year and known for providing free Horse-Drawn Holiday Wagon Rides in Downtown Bend. For nearly a decade, Horse-Drawn Holiday Wagon Rides have been a cherished tradition that attract thousands of people from all over Central Oregon. Best of all, your role in making the event possible will be seen as a huge holiday greeting card to the community.

During the rides that Cowboy Carriage has given in the past, we have collected thousands of dollars in tips and donations. At the end of the Holiday Wagon Rides, the money was donated to the Kid’s Center, a child abuse intervention center in Bend. We will continue to support this worthy charitable organization that provides an immeasurable benefit to our community and your sponsorship will make this possible.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are pleased to provide your company with an outstanding experiential marketing opportunity to become a sponsor of the Holiday Wagon Rides in Downtown Bend. Sponsorship will provide a tremendous marketing and communication platform, before a projected 150,000 people.

Radio Advertising

Our premium sponsors will be recognized in their role of making free Holiday Wagon Rides possible during our radio advertising campaign. The advertising will run over a 6 week period starting the week before Thanksgiving. Combined Communications has projected that the campaign will reach over 70,000 people spread over three of their most popular radio stations.

Banner Advertisement

While making loops through Downtown Bend our horses, adorned with brass bells, will be drawing bystander’s attention to the banner on the sides of our wagon. It will be advertising free wagon rides provided by our sponsors. The same wagon and banner will also be used for the Bend Christmas Parade which, in a 2016 Bend Bulletin article, was estimated to draw approximately 5000 attendees.

Print Advertising

We will be using part of your sponsorship dollars to place ads, which will include your logo, targeting local shoppers. Print ads will be run in The Source Weekly in each of the six issues during the holiday season, the October, November and December editions of Cascade A&E Magazine and in Cascade Business News from October through December, reaching over 75,000 people. These advertisements will highlight your contribution and generosity to Central Oregon.

Visit Bend Campaign

Our Visit Bend campaign is specifically targeting holiday tourism by mentioning the free wagon rides in promotions targeted along the I5 corridor. The entire wagon ride schedule will be on Visit Bend’s free listing calendar and also in paid featured event slots in three different activity sections on the Visit Bend website. Links to your website on our Visit Bend Enhanced Listings.

Caroling Book Advertisement

While riding in the wagon through downtown our passengers are led in singing Christmas carols, which they choose from our Christmas caroling book. While the parents are assisting the children to find the words for Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, they will notice your advertisement incorporated between the songs. After their ride, they will be drawn to take advantage of your specials or coupons in the advertisement. Christmas caroling books will be promoted in radio and in print ads, as well as be available for download. We will be printing 5,000 copies that will be distributed throughout Central Oregon.

Web Advertising

In all print and radio advertising, people will be instructed to find the details of the rides and to download their copy of the Christmas caroling book on our website. Your advertisements will also be listed on the Cowboy Carriage website, linking to your homepage.

Press Releases

Press releases will be sent to all major news publications in Central Oregon. Sponsors will be listed as the providers of the free Holiday Wagon Rides.

Sponsorship of the Holiday Wagon Rides is an amazing branding experience to be showcased throughout Central Oregon during the 2018 Holiday season. Your involvement in this cherished tradition will make this event sustainable for years to come. The Holiday Wagon Rides staff is dedicated to the success of our sponsors and will go above and beyond to make the most of your involvement.

Sponsorships available:

Cowboy Carriage Christmas Sponsorship Opportunities

Wagon Ride Schedule

1-4 PM, 20 Days Total
November 24-25
December 1-2
December 8-9
December 15-23
December 26-30

Contact Ryan to take advantage of these opportunities to bring people into your location during the Holiday Season!

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