Carriage Rides in Downtown Bend

Horse and Carriage Turning In Front Of The Oxford Hotel in Downtown Bend, Oregon

Turning In Front Of The Oxford Hotel in Downtown Bend, Oregon

People keep telling us how they love seeing Downtown Bend while riding in our carriage. What normally is a one minute drive down Bond or Wall Streets takes us a relaxing five minutes. It is a great opportunity to read the signs of all of the boutiques you want to visit. Even some locals see places that they have not noticed before. If you are not sure where you want to have dinner, take a ride with us and we will show you all of the restaurants to choose from.


Dan and Lily

The horses make friends wherever they go!

Ready for your Ride?

We have space in the carriage for 4 adults with room to squeeze in a few kids. Typically the rides last about 15 – 20 minutes for $10/person. After school is out you can usually find us Downtown on Friday and Saturday nights. There are exceptions as we also deliver many brides to their weddings and like to show folks the best watering holes in town. If we are waiting for our next fare and you don’t have time to come for a ride you can still stop by and pet the horses’ noses. I’ll bet they have 200 people pet them every night!

Reserved Private Rides

If you are specifically looking for us to go for a ride, you should call in advance to make sure we will be there.  We do not have a specific route that we have to stay on, so if there is something in particular you don’t want to miss be sure to let us know.

Would you like to surprise your sweetie with a carriage ride for a special occasion? Maybe an anniversary or birthday? We have done many surprise carriage rides and have some great ideas that can make your occasion unforgettable!