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Bend’s Horse Drawn Brewery Tours

Would you like to sample Bend’s beer? Check out our horse-drawn brewery tours! The horses know the way and will show you around Bend to knock back a few on the Bend Ale Trail!

Horse Drawn Brewery Tour


Visit 4 breweries

Free samples at the breweries are provided

Pints and lunch are the guests’ responsibility

Minimum of 10 people, maximum of 20

Tours start at the Oxford Hotel next to the parking garage

COST: $50/person

Our wagon holds up to 20 adults comfortably and we need a minimum group of 12 in order to book your tour. If you do not have a group of 12 you can sign up for our mailing list and we will try to add you to another group. We are able to travel to most of the breweries nearby if you have a request, but we have some with a reputation for treating our guests very well and would like to rein you in their direction. Once you have picked a date we will set our reservations with the breweries. Let us know if you have any in particular that you want to visit.
Horse Drawn Brewery Tour

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