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We summarize for you what poisons relations between the police and justice

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Opposition to the police and the judiciary inaccurate “,” stupid ” And ” dangerous Said this Tuesday 25 July, Rafael Baland, President of the National Conference of Public Prosecutors of the Republic.

The latest reaction so far to the wave of indignation raised by Frédéric Vaux’s words in “Le Parisien”, Sunday 23 July. The head of the national police had requested the release of the policeman detained in Marseille in pre-trial detention, saying, ” That the policeman has no place in prison What was the origin of this arrest? Why did the support of the police establishment anger the left? What was the court’s response? Lopes tells this case in five chapters.

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A man died in Marseille

Saturday night 1any El Hadi, a young man of 22, left on Sunday July 2, in Marseille, in the context of urban revolutions after the death of Nael, to join his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. In La Provence, he recounts receiving a flashball to the temple, before being beaten by a group of four to five men identified as police officers from the Anti-Crime Squad (BAC).

Left for dead, Hadi is in a coma, then wakes up with massive head trauma. A judicial inquiry was opened on 5 July, and an investigation was launched.

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Friday, July 21, four police officers have been indicted.” Violence in a meeting by a person of public authority with the use or threat of use of a weapon resulting in total incapacity to work for more than eight days “.

One of these police officers is being held pending trial.

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The Marseille police support … the accused

This situation in pre-trial detention has angered two police unions, Alliance and UNSA. The two organizations publish a joint press release “their full support of colleagues” and alert on Lack of understanding, anxiety and anger of the police “.

At the call of another union, the SGP Police Unit, police officers in Marseille have started a solidarity movement with their colleague under investigation. This movement takes many forms. Agents have been offering “minimum service” since Friday, which means they’re on duty, but not in the field. Others double sick leave. The movement is gaining momentum: according to “Provence”, the Marseille police counted, for Sunday, 659 absentees, while the prefecture counted 300 elements on sick leave.

Additionally, an online cat was created by BAC Sud to help the families of the four police officers under investigation, before they were shut down by GoFundMe.

Frederic Foe and Laurent Nunez demand the release of the policeman

What remained a local police union issue took on a national political dimension from Sunday 23 July. The day before, Frédéric Foux, Director General of the National Police, had gone to Marseille to meet angry police officers.

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In an interview with Parisian, he expressed his sympathy for the policeman who is being held pending trial. ” Knowledge in prison keeps me awake He says. The chief of police particularly questions the court’s decision and pleads, half a word, for the development of the law, emphasizing: “ In general, I believe that before a possible trial, a police officer has no place in prison, even if he has made serious mistakes or mistakes in the course of his work. »

This support of the police officer under investigation, against the judicial establishment, was immediately conveyed by another official of the police: Laurent Nunez, prefect of the Paris police. He said in a tweet, ” Share DGPN Lyrics ».

The discontent of the left and among the judges, the executive branch is trying to calm down

These two positions are immediately and forcefully condemned by the left. The content of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) sees it as particularly questioning ” Democracy and the rule of law (Olivier Faure, Secretary of the Socialist Party), a A shaky moment does not bode well (Marine Tondelaire, EELV Secretary), criticized Police officers who entered the factional separation (Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the rebels).

Returning Police Privileges? by Sebastien Roche

Until Monday, July 24, at midday, the presidential majority, notably the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, and the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond Moretti, remained silent. A source close to Gerald Darmanin told BFM-TV that, ” The Minister of the Interior has great confidence in the head line.

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The right also remains silent, while on the far right, Marine Le Pen wonders, without directly reacting to the words of Frédéric Foe ” What does the head of state do? “.

Specifically, Emmanuel Macron is speaking at 1pm from New Caledonia, as part of an interview with France 2 and TF1 newspapers. In response to a question about the issue, the president said: Understanding feelings Police, remember. That in the Republic, no one is above the law And digressing from the fate of the police.

“At the same time” does not convince the left. This Tuesday, July 25th, Olivier Faure, secretary of the Socialist Party, described France-Inter as ” appalling The reaction of the Head of State, who refused to comment and denounce the words of the Chief of Police.

Frédéric Vaux also infuriated the judges’ unions. There is a basic principle in democracy: the law is the same for all. Police officers who commit crimes in the exercise of their functions are liable to criminal penalties This was confirmed to AFP by Kim Rivlett, president of the Judicial Union.

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Police leverage is expanding

Since Monday, calls for moderation and calm have multiplied. Olivier Laurent, President of the Judicial Court of Marseille. called for measurement This Tuesday, July 25, Rafael Baland, President of the National Conference of Public Prosecutors, judges the opposition between the police and justice. dangerous “.

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However, the police mutiny extends beyond Marseille. Without giving exact numbers about the mobilization, the unions ensure that the movement will affect several regions of France. According to Le Monde newspaper, the protest movement won in Toulon, Avignon and Nice, where on Monday 24 July no less than 274 police officers were off duty.

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