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Police arrested Greta Thunberg again during a protest, hours after her trial

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Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been removed from a climate demonstration carried out by law enforcement in Sweden on Monday 24 July, hours after her first trial for disobeying the police, during which she was fined 1,500 kroner (130 euros) for blocking the port of Malmö on 19 June, for protesting the use of fossil fuels and refusing to obey restraining orders.

Six activists, including Greta Thunberg, have been arrested by the Malmö police “refusal to comply”After the city’s port was once again closed, according to police and an AFP photographer.

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“It is true that I was in this place that day and that I received an order that I did not listen to, but I want to deny it.” An AFP photographer immediately said she had pleaded guilty to any wrongdoing before a Malmö court. I explained that she acted “by necessity” In the face of the climate emergency.

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condemn the punishment silly »

“We certainly won’t back down.”the activist responded after the ruling was announced, arguing that laws must be changed to be able to protect the planet.

“It is absurd that those who act on scientific data, who disrupt the fossil fuel industry, should pay the price.”she added.

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by the environmental organization Tilpaca phramtidinewhich Greta Thunberg was packing with on Monday and June 19, the resolve to fight the fossil fuel industry remains intact.

“If a court chooses to view our action (disruption of traffic) as tort, they can do so, but we know we have a right to live, and the fossil fuel industry blocks that right.”replied to AFP Irma Kellstrom from Tilpaca phramtidine.

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