Home News In the United States, the Biden administration has filed a complaint against Texas over its floating barrier against immigrants

In the United States, the Biden administration has filed a complaint against Texas over its floating barrier against immigrants

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott challenged the Department of Justice on Monday, July 24, which in return filed a complaint against his state over a floating barrier on the Rio Grande River intended to prevent the crossing of immigrants from Mexico.

The department told Texas last week that these large orange buoys near Eagle Pass were obstructing river traffic and lacked federal permits. “This floating barrier poses a risk to navigation as well as to public safety on the Rio Grande.”The ministry said quoting that ‘humanitarian concerns’.

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And in a letter to Democratic President Joe Biden, the Republican governor said Monday he has the authority to protect interests “kings” Texans installed the floats and accused Joe Biden of failing in his responsibilities regarding illegal immigration.

“If you truly value human life, you need to start applying federal immigration laws”he wrote. “By doing this, you can help me stop immigrants from risking their lives in the waters of the Rio Grande.”Finally, he added: “Texas gives you a court date, Mr. President.”

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A Biden administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Republicans ‘I played political games’.

Republicans want chaos.

For several years, elected officials on the right have been indignant at the arrival of illegal immigrants, whom they describe as an invasion. Donald Trump and his main challenger for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have put the idea of ​​an out-of-control frontier at the center of their campaigns.

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But the Biden administration counters that the number of illegal crossings has fallen sharply since the introduction of the new asylum rules. Republican officials do not want a solution. they want chaossaid the government official.

The end of “Heading 42”: The United States prepares for a possible “chaotic” situation on its southern border

Buoys were installed on the Rio Grande this month, as was barbed wire on the beach. According to press reports, immigrants were trapped in this fence and had to be rescued. A leaked document of the Border Police also stated that the barbed wire installed by state agents interfered with its operations.

Laws ‘cannot be ignored’

A few hours after Greg Abbott’s letter was posted, the Justice Department filed a complaint against Texas and its governor. In the text, he says that Texas had to obtain permission before any structure can be placed on the Rio Grande and asks for justice to order a southern state to remove it.

“We must all be aware that there are laws and policies in place – both domestically and internationally – to ensure the safety of anyone who works, lives or travels along the river. These laws cannot be ignored.”Jaime Esparza, an Austin federal prosecutor, said in a news release.

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A father and daughter drowned in the Rio Grande: the tragic story behind the photo

In Mexico City, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he had a meeting “very productive” With an American delegation on the issue of immigration. The team sent by Washington was headed by Elizabeth Sherwood Randall, the US Homeland Security Adviser.

Deputies debated “The problem of migration with an emphasis on human rights”Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador tweeted on Monday evening, stating that Fighting fentanyl and arms smuggling She was also at the center of the discussions.

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