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In Greece, a water bomber working to fight fires crashes

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Canadair water bomber At least two people on board. The plane crashed on Tuesday, July 25 while fighting a forest fire in Greece, south of the island of Euboea, Yiannis Artopios, a spokesman for the fire department, told AFP.

A Greek plane belonging to Canadair with at least two people on board crashed near Platanisto (a village in Euboea)This spokesman said while Greece suffers from fires and extreme temperatures for more than ten days.

Two major fires are active in Greece

According to preliminary information from the authorities, the plane, which was taking part in at least three other planes and a hundred firefighters in fighting the flames on this island near Athens, crashed into a valley. The accident occurred on the Karystos Heights, where the fire broke out on Sunday.

Fires in Greece: a fire breaks out, evacuations … We are assessing the situation

The two pilots belong to the Greek Air Force, according to information from the Ministry of Defense, quoting Public Art TV. The channel broadcast a video of the plane crashing and disappearing behind flames and a cloud of black smoke.

Two other major fires in Greece are active in the tourist islands of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea (southeast) and Corfu in the Ionian Sea (northwest).

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