Home Politics Geoffroy Lejeune will take over the leadership of “JDD” from August 1, management announced after “negotiations broke down”

Geoffroy Lejeune will take over the leadership of “JDD” from August 1, management announced after “negotiations broke down”

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A new episode in the confrontation between the editorial board of the newspaper “Journal du Dimanche” and the management of the Lagardère group, the owner of the newspaper. Geoffroy Lejeune “He will take over the effective management of the editorial board.” From “JD” from August 1st, this Monday July 24th indicated a trend that calls for a ‘Negotiations collapse’ With the Journalists Association (SDJ) which has been on strike for more than a month.

This announcement comes as the editorial board of “JDD” dramatically renewed, until Tuesday morning, its strike against the arrival of its chief journalist, Geoffroy Lejeune (“formerly Valeurs Actuelles”), identified on the far right.

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Bolloré’s “JDD” appeal: “This media legalization legitimizes the RN”

Lagardère News management regrets in a press release “The position of the SDJ, which apparently did not take into account the proposed openings” and has “It leads to the collapse of the negotiations, which is detrimental to the journalists and the readers of the Journal du Dimanche.”.

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“Flawless packaging” of the editorial board

Arnaud Lagardère, Chairman of the group that owns JDD, “regrets” Monday “This issue” In the same press release. I repeat.. We will not make a “Dinar for Democracy” an ideological publication or an extremist newspaper.Continue. “This far-right fantasy is baseless and disrespectful. JDD will remain a general media publication, open to the general public and open to all intellectual currents.”Concludes.

In “JDD”, a chronicle of the war against “bollorization”

For its part, the editorial board of the weekly magazine stressed that “continuous mobilization” facing a “A complete break with the identity of a 75-year-old newspaper”On Saturday at the beginning of the afternoon, the strike was renewed until Tuesday. The editorial staff reiterated their demands, remained opposed to the arrival of Geoffroy-Léjeune and demanded guarantees of legal and editorial independence.

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Huge number of departures

Many observers see the appointment of Geoffroy Lejeune by billionaire Vincent Bolloré, whose group Vivendi Lagardère, owner of JDD, Paris Match and Europe 1, should be swallowed up after a successful takeover attempt.

“Dinar”: a summary of next Sunday

The “JDD” situation is reminiscent of the strikes of Europe 1 in 2021 and i-Télé (which became CNews, owned by Vivendi) in 2016, which each time concluded with mass departures.

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