Home Politics For Bourne, “Justice must be able to quietly do its work.”

For Bourne, “Justice must be able to quietly do its work.”

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On Tuesday 25 July, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne insisted “The need for justice to be able to do its job calmly” After the controversy over the imprisonment of a policeman in Marseille.

He denied any disagreement on the issue between Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, who is heading to Le Havre, stressing that “everyone says the same thing”.

sequel after announcement

Returning Police Privileges? by Sebastien Roche

“Let us note the difficulty of the police’s job – and I think it is important to pay tribute to them for the work, and the extraordinary commitment they have shown during urban violence – and there is also justice that must be able to do its job, and that it does.”She explained, along with former Prime Minister and Mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe.

Support from the Chief of Police

The support given by the Director General of Police Frédéric Vaux to the mobilization against the imprisonment of a BAC agent in Marseille as part of an investigation into police violence, on Monday, infuriated the judges and the political class, prompting the executive branch to respond.

“My daughter was executed”: the mother of Rayana, the passenger who was killed after refusing to comply, deplores the slow pace of the investigation

From New Caledonia, President Emmanuel Macron declined to comment on the police chief’s words. However, he said he understood “feelings” From the police, before letting go: “No one in the republic is above the law”.

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