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Thierry Lauret: Transforming your life through personal development and personal support

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Drawing on his experience in high-level sport and the corporate world, Thierry Lloret uses his unique skills to help individuals achieve their goals. Thanks to the customized and structured curriculum, it allows everyone to understand their different life goals and improve their performance.

A former member of the French athletics team, Thierry Lloret has had an impressive career in many fields. From high-level athletics to the world of business, his life path has allowed him to develop unique skills. Having graduated from ESSEC, ISM and CNAM, he has always been attracted to the subject of support and self-development, which he now puts at the service of his clients as a trainer, consultant and company coach.

Director of Master’s Programs at INSEEC, France’s leading business school for learning, Thierry Laurie intervenes in training on three dimensions: person-centred, relationship and professional development. Thus, he accompanies top athletes, businessmen, artists and managers in achieving their goals. Its red thread: the accompaniment of the parade. Known on social networks, her aura spreads today in France and internationally, and allows everyone to rise and achieve the goals set.

Unique methodology and selection support

As a specialist in training and personal development, Thierry Laurette understands that achieving goals requires developing the learning, energy and skills necessary for action. This principle applies as much in the professional world as it does in the broader framework of an individual’s personal and relational life. Her daily routine testifies to this: about an hour of personal meditation, self-hypnosis and refocusing, followed by an hour of exercise. Thus, he conveys to the people he accompanies what he uses in his daily life and the techniques of mental control. It helps them better understand their sometimes limited belief system, develop their inner discourse, express their desires in response to their aspirations and values ​​and formalize a practical goal in which they feel more responsible.

Whether for the young or the elderly, Thierry Lloret offers an opportunity for personal transformation. Their support process is structured around four main phases: Modeling, which involves decoding expert strategies for success in the client domain. Learning, where it teaches mustering and using previously decoded skills. Communicate and develop communication skills to resolve internal and external contradictions. Finally, transformation, as it helps develop one’s own value and belief systems to facilitate life transitions and changes in environments.

Training specifically designed for self-renewal

In addition, Thierry Laurette offers distance training to individuals on topics related to the work of introspection, such as self-esteem, self-confidence, stress management and emotions. It also develops training within the company on the topics of leadership, team cohesion, motivation, internal and interpersonal communication.

For high-level athletes, he offers specific, personalized modules that can range from a few sessions to support over six months or even a year. Always eager to progress, he began training as a psychologist and Ph.D. Thus he intends to continue to accompany people who wish to modify their behaviors, thinking strategies, beliefs and the resulting emotions to facilitate their personal and professional development.

Passionate about his job, Thierry Lloret affirms: “I love coaching because this practice allows me to constantly learn from communicating with others, listening to their life path.” A philosophy that allows its clients to change and learn to be happy, while allowing them to progress and improve every day.

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