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Riots, emigration, “100 days”, purchasing power… What is there to remember from meeting him

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After giving up talking on July 14, Emmanuel Macron finally answered questions from TF1’s 13 Hours and France 2 newspapers from New Caledonia on Monday, July 24. A word without an announcement, but it was limited to the last months, with the recurrence of upcoming major projects.

This interview comes after the cabinet reshuffle on Thursday for part of the government, and after the head of state, who has just begun a tour of the Pacific, put on Friday in the preamble to the cabinet a preliminary assessment of the cabinet’s decision. “100 days” Released after the highly contested pension crisis. “Lopes” assesses.

sequel after announcement

• In the face of riots, “order, order, order”

A month after the death of the young man, Nael, who was killed by a policeman at the end of June, the head of state returned to the riots that followed and stirred unrest in the country for several days. a description “Unspeakable violence and scenes that shocked all our citizens”he was pleased with that Order – request [ait] prevailed and one “Relentless judicial response”.

to “This violence that has led to the burning of town halls, gymnasiums and libraries” and this is “looting violence”And “The lesson I take away from this is system, system, system.”, did he say. Quoting young people who appeared before the judiciary – “ about 16 years old on average.”He reiterated his desire to open a construction site ” Parental authority “.

After the riots, lessons learned from the wildfire

Emmanuel Macron also installed a file “social networks”he pleads “Look for a digital public system that can prevent these floods”.

• On the police debate in Marseille: “No one in the Republic is above the law”

It is the controversy that is swelling in Marseille: while a police officer was placed in pre-trial detention there in a case of suspected police violence, Frederic Vaux, Director General of the National Police (DGPN) asked for his release, arguing that“Before trial, a police officer has no place in prison, even if he commits serious errors or errors in the course of his work “.

sequel after announcement

In response to a question about these statements, which aroused the discontent of the left, Emmanuel Macron declined to comment on them, explaining that placing him in pretrial detention is unacceptable. “A decision made by a justice of the peace, I do not pronounce this decision.”

After Nael’s death: “As a girl, I am not afraid of the police, but I do not trust them.”

If he said understand “feelings” From the police after the recent riots, he remembers that ‘No one was above the law’.

there “legitimacy” police officers “This is due to the fact that they protect the republican framework and that they enforce democratically voted laws.”did he say. “Of course they themselves are within the framework of law and the rule of law.”.

• “The whole country advanced” during the “hundred days”

After the pension reform crisis, Emmanuel Macron wanted a “100-day” period to please the country. When asked about his record, he said so “During these hundred days the government, together with Parliament, advanced the whole country.”

sequel after announcement

Casseroles, Annecy attack, riots … “100 days” of appeasement Macron is very upset

He thinks he fired a lot “Basic projects for our economy”citing pell-mell France Travail, RSA reform, factory openings or even “Outcomes in terms of job creation, recycling, and attractiveness.” “We laid the foundations for environmental planning, and announced a water plan to face the summer,” is listed.

• “A teacher in front of each class” at the beginning of the school year

Emmanuel Macron confirmed once again that he will be there “The teacher is in front of every class” Back to school, thanks “a series of small revolutions”which pass through training reform and wage improvement.

Reshuffle: Why Pap Ndiaye Didn’t Find His Place in National Education

quote “teacher charter”which provides for a voluntary basis to replace the absent teachers with their colleagues for better pay, he added, patriotic education ‘Keep recruiting’ Contractors to ensure the start of the school year. He indicated his desire to welcome children from the age of two to the most difficult quarters, to reduce class numbers from the middle section, to promote tutoring in the sixth year for students in difficulty, and also to develop a half-day about twice a month to explain trades from the fifth.

• Confirmation of a tax cut of 2 billion euros

The president confirmed the decision to cut taxes by 2 billion euros for the middle classes by the end of the five-year period. It will be included in the multi-year public finance law. As mentioned Same for excise taxes.

sequel after announcement

In response to a question about purchasing power, especially the prices of electricity or gasoline, Emmanuel Macron confirmed this “The government will continue to support the poorest families in an appropriate way, to get around, when the price of petrol goes up dramatically.”

Repeat his desire for it “Producing more electricity by restarting power plants that have encountered difficulties in recent months,” And sparked European discussions for it “The price of electricity corresponds better with the reality of our production.”

• Building a migration text “with each constructive opposition »

The president also returned to one of the major projects awaiting the government at the start of the academic year: immigration law. Stated goals: “Reducing incomes, fighting human traffickers and illegal immigration networks”, or Better integration of men and women immigrants who work eg “In the sectors you need.”

Immigration, the Poisoned Debate: ‘No one wants to be rational in the face of the risk of being considered too half-hearted’

He said he did “Good Hope” from the opposition Republicans “help build text” on immigration. However, he half-heartedly hinted that recourse to 49.3 was not ruled out: “Then the constitution provides paths to texts and I will take responsibility for having competence.”Release.

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