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Orlene Rousseau, the new health minister, refutes any “conflict of interest” linked to his wife’s jobs

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The new Minister of Health, Aurelien Rosso, refuted on Monday 24 July “conflict of interest” linked to his wife Margaret Cazeneuve’s Jobs, Health Insurance No. 2, confirming that they were following ‘same public interest’.

“There are no conflicts of interest.” which may arise from the responsibilities assumed by the spouses, Because we carry on […] The same public interest, which is to ensure access to health care for our citizens.” This was announced by the Minister, on the sidelines of his first public trip to a multidisciplinary health center, in Magny-en-Vixin (Val-d’Oise).

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“compensation” for certain situations

As Aurelien-Rousseau assured that he would put himself “replaced” For all questions concerning his wife personally, the managing director in charge of providing care at the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam). There may be organizational issues. That may arise from this situation, however I asked the prime minister […] Deportation decision in all personal statuses of my wifeHe said.

The Government’s Legal Secretariat, which was approached prior to his appointment, gave the go-ahead, subject to this “banish” mentioned by the minister. Aurelien Rousseau also indicated that the High Authority for Transparency of Public Life, which should rule on deportation mechanisms, will examine the file.

Aurélien Rousseau to Health, “A Fairly Positive Choice,” according to the UFML Physicians’ Association

Asked about a possible danger in the negligence of Cnam’s general manager, Thomas Fatum, the minister invoked again, with this official, Close commitment […] Far greater than all the individual positions.”. “I was under his authority when he was deputy chief of staff (to the prime minister) and I was director general of the Ile-de-France regional agency.”recalls Aurelien Rousseau.

First visit on Monday

On Monday, the new minister headed with his colleague in charge of the care organization, Agnes Firmin Le Bodeau, at a multidisciplinary health center, one of the tools the government has encouraged to respond to medical desertification.

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These care structures that bring together private practitioners and paramedics, who encourage teamwork, should make the facility more attractive to young professionals.

The government has set a target of 4,000 homes of this type in France by 2027, compared to more than 2,250 today.

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