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Left angry after the words of Frédéric Foe

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Before trial, there is no place for a police officer in prison, even if he makes serious mistakes or mistakes in the course of his work. “: In an interview with the newspaper Parisien on Sunday July 23rd, Frédéric Vaux, Director General of the National Police (DGPN) demanded the release of the policeman detained pending trial in Marseille. The latter and three colleagues from the anti-crime brigade were accused of committing a crime “Violence in meetings by a person in public authority with the use or threat of use of a weapon”. They are suspected of beating a 21-year-old on the sidelines of the urban uprisings in Marseille.

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Knowledge in prison keeps me awake Added Frédéric Foux, with support from Laurent Nunez. The Paris police chief said in a tweet: Share lyrics DGPN “, in a context in which the main police unions support the Marseille representative and call on all police officers in France to carry out only their essential tasks.

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Anger on the left

The support of the DGPN and Laurent Nuñez for the Marseille police officers sparked discontent in the ranks of the Nupes. Left parties reacted strongly to the interview with Frédéric Fu.

Ironically, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of the rebels, challenged the presidential majority. Then? Darmanin, Macron and the “Republican Arch” refuse to call the police for calm and respect for the law? So they encourage them to “wage war” on the “harmful”? Disgusting. The Ridiculous State », he tweeted. The former presidential candidate refers to the accusation leveled by Elizabeth Bourne, the prime minister, against the condemned rebels. “Outside the Republican Field”, on July 4. On his blog on Monday 24 July, Jean-Luc Mélenchon also called ” Respect for republican institutions and the police, which entered into sectarian separation.

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In the Socialist Party, it was the questioning of the rules of law caused by Frédéric Foux’s words that shocked. Olivier Faure, first secretary of the Socialist Party, is also concerned. The entire police hierarchy places itself above justice and pretrial detention rules .” What is at stake here is democracy and respect for the rule of law He concludes in a tweet. Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Olivier Faure also criticizes the government’s silence, ironically wondering if Gerald Darmanin is on sick leave..

Twitter – Olivier Faure on Twitter

At EELV, we are concerned about the drift that requesting the release of a police officer under investigation might cause. Marine Tondelaer, national secretary of the Environment Party, asks: The balance of power that is being played out, the shift that is happening quietly.” Nothing is beautiful She is not out of this support of the police hierarchy, she ends in her tweet.

Note that Fabien Roussel, the National Secretary of the Communist Party, known for his positions in support of the police, did not act directly or immediately. Unlike other left-wing party leaders, he merely retweeted a police unionist member from CGT, saying: The People’s Party and the DGPN clearly question the rule of law “.

Silence in the majority and the right and support the far right

In the presidential majority, silence prevails. The Home Secretary, Gerald Darmanin, has not yet acted on his behalf. However, a source in the ministry told BFMTV that ” The Minister has great confidence in his Director General of the National Police “.

If some police officers make mistakes, we are very far from the majority who do their job well Nadia Hay, the Evelyn Renaissance MP, responded. Eric Dupond Moretti, Minister of Justice, in the middle of the day, has not yet spoken on this subject, as have the main representatives of the Republicans.

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On the far right, the National Assembly refrained from directly condemning the DGPN’s words. On Monday, July 24 at midday, Marine Le Pen posted an evasive tweet, without calling Frédéric Foaux to a request, and stating ” state crisis and relations between the police and justice.

Twitter – Marine Le Pen on Twitter

Finally, Eric Zemmour unsurprisingly lent his support to him. While awaiting his final trial, the police officer has nothing to do with being in jail. ” Laurent Nunez and Frederic Fo are right. Support our police officers who take every risk to defend France and receive nothing but contempt and ingratitude in return tweeted the leader of the Reconquest party.

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