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“Discussions” have begun between the UN and North Korea

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affiliate “discussions” The deputy head of the United Nations Command said on Monday, July 24, that the United Nations and Pyongyang have an agreement over US soldier Travis King, who is believed to be being held in North Korea after entering it illegally on July 18.

“Discussions with the Korean People’s Army have begun through the armistice agreement mechanism.”Gen. Andrew Harrison said during a news conference. He was referring to the agreement that ended hostilities in 1953 after the Korean War. “Our first concern is the welfare of the private property.”said Major General, stressing that the incident is still the subject of a ” investigation “.

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What we know about the American soldier who crossed the border into North Korea

General Harrison explained that the armistice agreement provides a mechanism for the United Nations Command to communicate with the North Korean military. But he refused to give more details, citing The very sensitive nature of these negotiations.. that it “a difficult and complicated situation”I confess.

Drunken brawl

Travis King, a special second class recruit who has been recruited since 2021 and is in his 20s, crossed on July 18. “voluntarily and without permission” The border between South Korea and North Korea, technically still at war, is revealed during a visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates the two countries. Located in North Korea, the Demilitarized Zone can be visited. It is administered by the United Nations, but you need to register several weeks in advance by presenting a passport.

South Korea, the country that no longer has children

The American soldier had been jailed for two months after a drunken nightclub brawl and a scuffle with local police in Seoul. According to police investigations, he did not cooperate with the authorities who asked him for his personal information and kicked the door of their car while insulting the Koreans and the Korean army. He had just been released from prison on July 10 and was taken to the airport to return to the United States for a disciplinary hearing.

Upon boarding, he called an American Airlines official and said he had forgotten his passport, so he could leave the departure lounge.An airport official told the Korea Times. Unable to accompany him after the security checks, he took the opportunity to disappear.

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According to his family, the young man in his twenties experienced being separated from his family and was deeply affected by the death of his young cousin.

The two Koreas are still at war

The UN Command includes several countries and is led by the United States, and Washington oversees the armistice in the Korean War.

About 27,000 US troops are stationed in South Korea, a major US ally in the region and dependent on Washington for its security.

Since the 1950-1953 war, concluded by armistice in the absence of a peace treaty, the two Koreas are still officially at war and the border is fortified and mined, except for Panmunjom where it is only personified by a small concrete wall.

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No North Korean reaction

But under the terms of the armistice, South Korean and UN personnel were not allowed to cross the border to capture King.

Pyongyang has not commented after the incident. “The Pentagon attempted to contact the North Korean military to inquire about King’s condition, but received no response.”State Department spokesman Matt Miller said Thursday.

Almost all embassies in Pyongyang have withdrawn their foreign staff since North Korea closed its borders in 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This also applies to Sweden, which handles US consular affairs in the North Korean capital, and there are no diplomatic relations between the US and North Korea.

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