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The cabinet reshuffle will be announced this afternoon before the Council of Ministers on Friday

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After long negotiations between Emmanuel Macron and Elizabeth Bourne, the Elysee should announce on Thursday 20 July in the afternoon “adjustment” For the government team that will have to tackle at the start of the school year the challenges set by the president around the environment, immigration and riot response.

First expected on Wednesday, then mentioned Thursday morning, that reshuffle that has hovered over the presidential camp for weeks is now due in the middle or late afternoon, according to the executive branch advisor. And the Elysee announced that the Council of Ministers will gather the new team on Friday at ten o’clock in the morning.

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Casseroles, Annecy attack, riots … “100 days” of appeasement Macron is very upset

Its magnitude will be examined in light of the silent battle between a head of government who, according to ministers and advisers, hoped for a fundamental renewal to establish its power, and a head of state who wanted only marginal changes to preserve the cartridge of great unrest for more difficult times.

‘The further we go, the fewer ministers come out’, Ministerial advisor retreated Thursday afternoon. The staff is beginning to become clearer, in fact, with a limited number of departures, including that of Pap Ndiaye who, in the eyes of his colleagues, has not managed to make his mark on a year’s education.

More questions

To replace him, the name of the current Minister of Budget, Gabriel Attal, 34, the rising star of Macroni, returns with determination, with a directive: to place power at the heart of the educational project after the recent urban violence.

Also from civil society, Solidarity Minister Jean-Christophe Combe should be replaced, according to several identical sources, with the head of the Ennahda group in the National Assembly, Aurore Bergé. The Secretary of State in charge of Social and Solidarity Economy, Marilyn Schiappa, in everyone’s opinion, is about to leave after being chosen to run the Marian Fund.

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Teachers unions vote for Gabriel Attal

Questions remained about the fate of the other ministers. In health, François Brown, another representative of civil society appointed at the will of Emmanuel Macron, was present on Thursday morning, with a certain subtly, at the microphone of BFMTV / RMC while he was likely to leave the day before. Several names, including Vice-Horizons Frédéric Valleux, have even been nominated to succeed him.

Did he finally manage to save his chair? “I’m at work, I’m on my mission”And ” more than ever “ Minister of Health, limit yourself to answering. Dinner at the Elysee Palace, an aperitif marking the end of a particularly turbulent parliamentary session: the past few days have sometimes turned into torture for ministers in uncertainty.

Hard comeback

“These are not fun times at all.”but “You always have to go through it with the utmost calmness, esprit de corps, and respect.”Emmanuel Macron conceded, on Wednesday evening, to the parliamentarians who support him, gathered before the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Franck Riester – himself threatened, but with more “calm” from the previous day according to the participants.

sequel after announcement

The president has laid out his camp roadmap for the start of the school year to be put forward “Daring”And “innovation” and line “unified” : “innovation” to respond to riots, “Create an environment for progress and solutions” And grab the explosive issue of immigration so as not to allow “feeding extremists”.

“She Doesn’t Want to Take Pensions”: New Elizabeth Bourne Trial Period

However, the government still lacks an absolute majority in the assembly. After the ordeal of the Pension Fire last winter, Elizabeth Bourne is going to fight back with strikes “49.3” To pass the 2024 budget in the face of an opposition determined to fight it. So many deadlines that the prime minister can stumble upon, having already narrowly escaped a pension censure motion.

“What interests the French is not knowing whether we are going to replace strangers with strangers.”Addressed this Thursday in France, the 2nd Vice President of the French Republic, Pierre-Henri Dumont, saying “By retaining the same prime minister, we can clearly see that there is no chance of changing course.”. “I don’t really care who gets on the Titanic”He also mocked the curator of La France insoumise, Manuel Bompard, on CNews.

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