Home Politics Matignon states that the requirement for parity is at least 40% in ministries

Matignon states that the requirement for parity is at least 40% in ministries

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Matignon called on the newly appointed ministers in the government to respect parity of at least 40% in their governments and to appoint women to administrative positions.

“In the cabinets of the newly appointed Ministers, you will ensure (…) that a balanced proportion of men and women is respected, and in any case ensure respect for a proportion of at least 40% of persons of the less represented sex”Elisabeth Borne’s chief of staff, Jean-Denis Comprexel, requested in a circular dated Thursday obtained by AFP.

sequel after announcement

HEC limits “purely quantitative” parity to the new Bourne government

Recalling the new law that enhances women’s access to responsibilities in the senior civil service, the remaining ministers are required to: “Continuing not to make any appointments that would exacerbate the gap in relation to the parity target”, in this circular revealed by “Le Parisien”. The same instructions for newcomers in continuing their jobs.

50% by January 2026

The law of July 19, 2023 sets the goal of parity in ministries by January 1, 2026. It was adopted by Parliament at the beginning of July, raising the rate of people of each sex who must be appointed to the first senior or administrative job to 50%, compared to 40% currently.

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This provision will go into effect in 2026 in the state civil service and hospital civil service, and once the deliberative associations of the local communities are renewed.

The new government respects the balance with 41 members, 21 women, including the prime minister, and 20 men. However, only Catherine Colonna holds sovereign office and they are only six full ministers to ten men.

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