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Left and right shoulder to shoulder

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The Socialist Party headed by outgoing Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the Popular Party (a right-wing opposition) led by Alberto Núñez Figo were in turmoil on Sunday after nearly 95% of the votes were counted in the Spanish legislative elections.

At around 11:15 p.m., the Interior Ministry projected 136 seats for the PP and 122 for the Socialists, while the far-right Vox, with 33 seats, was in third place, just ahead of Somar, a radical left party allied with Pedro Sánchez, who would get 30 seats. Even with Vox’s support, the People’s Party would have 169 seats, which is not enough for an outright majority, which is 176.

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The left bloc, with potentially 153 seats, seemed paradoxically better positioned to stay in power thanks to the support of several small Basque and Catalan formations that could bring it the seats it lacks to reach an absolute majority.

If a viable majority does not emerge, new elections can be held, in a country that had four general elections between 2015 and 2019.

Spain is in danger from the far right

While opinion polls in recent weeks have given him the winner, People’s Party (PP, right) leader Alberto Núñez Figo announced on Sunday during the day that he hoped Spain would prevail. “A new era begins”.

This election “Very important (…) for the world and for Europe”For his part, the Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, in power for five years.

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