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Heatwave in Greece, bombing in Ukraine and an interview with Macron… Five things to remember from the weekend

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If you’ve picked up the news in the past two days, “ops” It gives you a summary of the key information to remember from July 22nd and 23rd.

• Greece is likely to face the longest heat wave in its history

The current heat wave in Greece ” probably “ It is the longest recorded in its history, as temperatures are expected to exceed 44 degrees Celsius this weekend, an official at the National Meteorological Observatory estimated on Saturday, July 22.

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According to the National Observatory of Athens, the absolute record was set in the capital in June 2007, with a temperature of 44.8°C. Nationwide, it was established in July 1977 with a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius in Elefsina, near Athens.

In addition to these high temperatures, many fires are still burning around Athens and on the island of Rhodes. Local authorities on the island said they sheltered 30,000 people threatened by the fire. About 2,000 others were evacuated by boat off the island.

• The strike of the Department of Defense and Security will exceed i-Télé’s duration

The JDD editorial board renewed its strike on Saturday against the arrival of its president Geoffroy Lejeune (formerly Valeurs Actuelles), extending it until Tuesday, which would make it override the 31-day movement led by i-Télé journalists in 2016, the Association of Journalists (SDJ) said in a press release.

Bolloré’s “JDD” appeal: “This media legalization legitimizes the RN”

So the JDD situation refers to the strikes of Europe 1 in 2021 and i-Télé (which became CNews, owned by Vivendi) in 2016, which each time concluded with mass departures. It is enough to put the question of media independence back on the political agenda.

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The cost of the strike is already very high for JD: each non-publication of the newspaper will result in losses of 500,000 euros, according to figures revealed and reported by the daily Le Monde. “Member of the advertising department at the beginning of packing”JDD journalist Guillaume Kayer told AFP on Friday.

• Two dead and 22 wounded in a Russian bombing of Odessa

Ukraine promised on Sunday “Revenge” After night shooting by Russian forces “19 missiles” In the historic port of Odessa, killing two people and injuring 22, including four children.

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“Missiles against peaceful cities, against residential buildings, against the cathedral (…)”President Volodymyr Zelensky said. “There will certainly be reprisals against Russian terrorists for Odessa.”he added.

For its part, Moscow claimed that it had bombed places where preparations were taking place. “Terrorist acts against Russia” and Destroy all intended targets. “Last night, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out an attack (…) on facilities where terrorist acts against Russia are being prepared using naval drones”said the Russian military.

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• The attack in Loh-les-Rousses: a judicial investigation has been opened into an assassination attempt

A judicial investigation, in particular into an assassination attempt, was opened Wednesday after a car bomb attack in early July on the home of the mayor of Les-les-Rozes (Val-de-Marne), the public prosecutor’s office in Creteil told AFP on Sunday.

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The prosecution also retained two charges of destroying the property of others by means dangerous to members of an organized gang and participating in a criminal gang with the intention of preparing a crime.

• Macron in an interview on “13-Heures” in France 2 and TF1 on Monday

Emmanuel Macron in Paris, July 21, 2023 (JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)

The channels announced in a press release on Saturday that Emmanuel Macron will give an interview on Monday 24 July at 1 pm, on the TV news bulletin TF1 and France 2, from Noumea where he is on the move.

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This interview comes after Thursday’s cabinet reshuffle of part of the government, and after the President of the State put on Friday in the preamble to the Council of Ministers a preliminary assessment of the Cabinet’s decision. “100 days” Released after the highly contested pension crisis.

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