Home Politics Emmanuel Macron in an interview with “13-Heures” on France 2 and TF1 on Monday from New Caledonia

Emmanuel Macron in an interview with “13-Heures” on France 2 and TF1 on Monday from New Caledonia

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On Saturday, the channels announced in a press release that Emmanuel Macron will give an interview on Monday 24 July at 1:00 p.m. TF1 TV news and France 2, from Noumea where he is on the move.

This interview comes after Thursday’s cabinet reshuffle of part of the government, and after the President of the State put on Friday in the preamble to the Council of Ministers a preliminary assessment of the Cabinet’s decision. “100 days” Released after the highly contested pension crisis.

sequel after announcement

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On Sunday, the president is scheduled to fly for a week in Oceania, with stops in New Caledonia, and then in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. He had just completed a long political career in France, after letting suspense hover for several weeks over the maintenance at Matignon of Elisabeth Bourne, which he had finally renewed “clearly” Ha ” trust “.

After intense negotiations, Emmanuel Macron also made 11 changes to the government team, with the entry of eight new ministers and the education upgrade of Gabriel Atal, who will have to prepare for the start of the academic year.

Very troubled “100 days”

An opportunity to warn his ministers on Friday asking them to be “typical” And above all to bring it “efficiency” instead of “talk in the mail”. because for him, “A big part of the democratic crisis has to do with the fact that decisions are not coming quickly enough in the lives of our citizens.”.

On the “100 days”is supposed to reset “calm down” In the country after the pension crisis, the head of state made a positive assessment of many key areas such as work, the republican system or public services. with one “clear path” tacitly asserts, “the independence of the country”thus retracting its motto about the sovereignty of France.

sequel after announcement

But he also faced at the end of June – beginning of July several nights of urban riots, after the murder of young Nahil by a policeman in Nanterre. In this regard, Emmanuel Macron renewed his promise to bring “In-depth answers”referring to the beginning of the school year.

After the death of Nael Lessons, a massive fire

With the summer recess approaching, and the last cabinet Wednesday by videoconference before that exercise returns on August 23, the executive has yet to finalize its presentation. “environmental planning”which will be revealed at the end of August.

But the main challenge ahead is budgeting, which is as much technical as it is political. The President has already warned that in terms of public finances, the ” framework “ Will be “demanding” And what will prevail “Order”.

He would thus join a strong demand from the Republicans, a pivotal group in the Assembly where the executive branch does not have an absolute majority. Because the LRs already raise the specter of a censure motion likely to topple the government if they deem the budget too lenient.

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