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North Korea launches “several cruise missiles” into the Yellow Sea

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Pyongyang opened fire on Saturday, July 22 Several cruise missiles. In the Yellow Sea, between the Korean peninsula and China, the Joint Chiefs of Staff referred to Seoul, but it kept silent about the fate of the American soldier who fled on Tuesday towards its territory from the south.

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Moreover, in the United Nations, many ambassadors asked China about it “support” in North Korea. The launch of the rocket took place on Saturday around 4 am local time (8 pm Paris time on Friday), according to the same source. These missiles come three days after two ballistic missiles were launched, this time in the Sea of ​​Japan, on the opposite east coast.

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“South Korean and US intelligence are analyzing launches while awaiting signs of additional activity.”South Korean military added. Inter-Korean relations are at an all-time low, with diplomacy faltering and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calling for a rapid arms race, including tactical nuclear weapons.

nuclear threat

The latest cruise missile launches come as US soldier Travis King entered North Korea from the South on Tuesday and is likely to be detained by authorities there, according to the US military.

The soldier, who was serving a prison sentence in South Korea for assault, was forced to return to the United States to face disciplinary penalties. The US military said North Korea had not given any news of him to Washington on Friday “very worried” as much and “the way it can be treated” Travis King.

There is nothing the North Koreans want to hide.

“The Pentagon attempted to contact the North Korean military to inquire about King’s condition, but received no response.”State Department spokesman Matt Miller said Thursday.

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On the same day, Pyongyang said that a stoppage of a US nuclear submarine in South Korea could happen fall under the terms of use of its atomic weapons. The next day, Seoul responded to these threats by reiterating that any such attack would trigger a response that would result. ” end “ Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Invitation to China

North Korea has been under international sanctions since 2006, and they tripled in 2017. The actions taken by the Security Council that year were unanimous to force Pyongyang to boycott its nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes, particularly limiting oil imports from North Korea.

According to a letter seen by AFP on Friday, the United States, the European Union, South Korea and other countries have requested“support” China to prevent North Korea from circumventing UN oil sanctions by using Chinese territorial waters.

The document was signed by the UN ambassadors of Australia, Canada, France, the European Union, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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And they are asking for the help of their Chinese counterpart, Zhang Jun, in particular “Worried about the recurrence of multiple carriers” identified by the United Nations Panel of Experts on Sanctions “who use your national waters of Sancha Bay as a haven to facilitate their trade in sanctioned petroleum products” to North Korea.

In May 2022, China and Russia vetoed a resolution imposing new sanctions on Pyongyang, and no resolution or statement from the council has been adopted since then. The United States in particular regularly accuses Beijing and Moscow of being a pawn ” shield “ the North Korean regime and encourage fire by preventing a unified response from the council.

The leaders of the United States, South Korea and Japan are scheduled to meet in August in the United States to strengthen their cooperation in the face of growing threats from Pyongyang. During the same month, Washington and Seoul are set to begin their major annual joint military exercise, dubbed Ulchi Freedom Shield. North Korea looks at these exercises very badly, as it sees them as training to invade its territory.

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