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MPs pass the Green Industry Act before the leave

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The last vote before the summer recess: the National Assembly adopted on Friday night to Saturday 22 July in first reading the Green Industry Bill, which aims to make it possible to re-industrialize the country while promoting an environmental transition.

Without massive sobriety, real decarbonization cannot be done from our industry

In a sometimes frantic atmosphere, the text was approved with the support of LR and RN by 217 votes in favour, 75 against and 18 abstentions, at the end of the Extraordinary Session in July. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire welcomed“start transfer” and the “decarbonization” industry, after “Three decades of concession” According to him.

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Deputies and senators, who have already approved this bill in June, will try at the beginning of the academic year to agree on a compromise version, with a view to its final adoption.

Hundreds of edits reviewed in a matter of hours

The National Assembly shall resume its work in the mid-term in the last week of September, to hold a short extraordinary session on the Public Finance Programming Bill. At the Luxembourg Palace, sessions will not resume until early October, after the Senate elections on September 24.

On Friday, hundreds of speed amendments were vetted at Bourbon Palace, to avoid MPs having to sit through this bill weekend in order to green the industry. In particular, the government is putting on the table a shortening of the time limits for preparing permits, and new tools for attracting private savings.

“to make a big environmental and social noise”

If Republicans vote, so is he “reluctantly”Virginie Duby dropped Mueller, pointing out “Blind Spots in Training and Finance” Especially, far from very voluntary politics“Law of Reducing Inflation” American. The same position on the part of the National Assembly, where Alexandre Loubet expressed regret for that “The mountain gives birth to a mouse”.

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The left is divided between voting against (the LFI and the environmentalists) and abstaining (the socialists and communists), all of whom regret. “lost history”. Lyot independents also abstained from voting.

Funding questioned

The bill sets the goal of halving the average time required to obtain a license to open a factory, which is currently estimated at 17 months. The goal is to encourage projects like that of “your palm” – Wind pumps, photovoltaics, heat pumps, batteries, carbon-free hydrogen. for some projects “of great national interest”By decree, an exceptional procedure is provided for giving control to the state.

The executive branch emphasizes the mobilization of private savings, rather than public money. With a new product, the “Future Climate Saving Plan”, whose CEO expects to raise 1 billion euros for the green industry. It was due to be open to under-18s, as their age was raised to 21 on the Friday evening in session.

Sobriety is our greatest wealth.

Through the voice of Gérard Lyceol, the socialists denounced this saving plan as a financing that is not “indecent” In light of the issues. But discussions fell through with Louis Boyard (LFI) about the fragility of youth, causing some skirmishes with the presidential camp.

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A tag will also be created to give virtuous companies privileged access to public procurement, The Copernican Revolution According to Industry Minister Roland Lescure.

Definition of “national strategy”

Since the exchanges began on Monday, MPs have made little change in procedures. In the home stretch, they adopted against government advice amendments from environmentalists and some felines to circulate “Say in the climate”to enable shareholders to consult on the company’s climate strategy.

The state must determine a “National Strategy” On the green industry for 2023? By 2030, Representatives voted unanimously earlier, confirming the Senate’s addition. Rebel Sofia Chiquero seized on the topic to challenge Roland Lescure about the Elysée’s recent purchase of a gas-fired boiler, saying “shocked”.

But it was to replace an oil fired boiler “It will only work 20 to 30% of the time when the heat pump that has been installed will not suffice”The minister replied confirming this “Elysee green”.

Without resentment, the minister wished for the night ” Happy holiday “ To Parliamentarians: After a year of bitter battles, “You deserve it”.

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