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Leaving the government, Marlene Schiappa is in charge of running the Marian Fund

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“My integrity is intact.” With this conviction, Marilyn Schiappa signed the end of her state lease. Due to the difficulty of managing the Marian Fund, the Secretary of State responsible for Social and Solidarity Economy and trade union life in her last interview with “Corsica Matin” considered to leave with honor only. His image deteriorated so greatly anyway, that no one had any illusions about continuing his work. Out of nowhere, prior to the July 20 reshuffle, she was nonetheless one of the Head of State’s longest-serving traveling companions, the only woman with Elizabeth Bourne to sit almost continuously within the executive branch since the first five years.

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Ironically, the person who wanted to embody republican values ​​in macaronism and still stood three months ago waving a red-blue-and-white flag for Playboy magazine falls precisely into his mismanagement of an initiative that was intended to be largely republican: the implementation, in 2021, while Minister Plenipotentiary of Citizenship, of the Marian History Fund, destined to finance the assassination of radical Islam. How were the associations selected to benefit from this 2.5 million euro fund?

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On July 6, the rapporteur of the Senate investigation assigned to this controversial file, Jean-François Huson (Les Républicains), crushed his administration, speaking of “failure” and denunciation “unprecision”I’“opaque” and the “victim”. The senator-elect also lamented that Marilyn Schiappa, during her lengthy hearing before the investigative committee, “Largely neglected [son] office “ And that she has “a lot of amnesia”.

Terms of attribution, balance sheet, lookups…getting all about the Marian Fund controversy

Obviously, the Secretary of State did not have the same reading: I see that the charges against me have been dismissed. Some talked about embezzlement and nepotism, and today the chairman of the Senate Investigative Committee himself admitted that these accusations were absurd. » In this case, the judge opened an investigation, which the investigative judge assigned at the beginning of May, on charges of “embezzlement of public funds, misappropriation of public funds through negligence, breach of trust, and illegal taking of interests.”

Fake paparazzi

So Marlene Schiappa in this case had to record the conclusion of her ministerial adventure. A sad end to this figure from the Macron Galaxy whose star has already faded recently. Guide ? This underappreciated Matignon cover of Playboy in early April fell in the middle of a day of mobilization against pension reform. It’s hard to do more oddities. Not to mention that this came only a few weeks after the mendacious pictorial in his new companion’s “Paris-Match”, which was also poorly received within the executive branch. Other times, the daring minister, always looking for media stunts, had more flair for highlighting the cause of equality between women and men or for defending the government on Cyril Hannon’s group during the “yellow vest” movement.

At macronie, the former blogger enjoyed great support. She was both close to the “First Lady” Brigitte Macron, Secretary General of the Elysee Alexis Köhler, and Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, the “triangle” who worked for her to integrate into the Bourne government after the legislative elections of 2022. Despite the differences, they praised her media surface, which is a rare commodity among ministers. She was also unfailingly loyal to the chief, whom she defended in all collections. “A kind of spokesperson without a title.”according to a former colleague at Government Now.

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Why Emmanuel Macron could not do without Marlene Schiappa

But in the Social and Solidarity Economy, as it was once in the Home Office alongside Gerald Darmanin, she never managed to make her mark as far as equality between women and men. She also claimed to always deal with the subject, which earned her the fierce enmity of these two successors, Elisabeth Moreno – “They can’t get away”– says the former chancellor of Matignon – and Isabelle of Rome, who until now has been in charge of the matter in the government.

his conversion? I already imagined her when I thought she wasn’t part of the government team at the start of Emmanuel Macron’s second five-year term. She has a radio show project produced by Cyril Hannon. She dreams of a job at the United Nations, in New York, on women’s rights. She also mentioned the possibility of joining the Publicis communications group. Finally, she still has several book projects on the go, and has committed to more than a dozen since 2017 and more than forty in her lifetime.

Marilyn Schiappa in all her aspects

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