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Aurélien Rousseau to Health, “A Fairly Positive Choice,” according to the UFML Physicians’ Association

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What do you think about choosing Aurelien Rousseau as Minister of Health?

Jerome Marty It’s very positive. Shortly before the appointment of Francois Brown [en juillet 2022, NDLR]I already mentioned his name. I thought he was one of the best possible candidates for the job, along with Bernard Gummer [sénateur écologiste apparenté PS et médecin, NDLR].

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What are his strengths?

He is certainly a senior civil servant, but he was able to show that he was able to respond in uncharted territory during the covid pandemic. He led the ARS (Regional Health Agency) in Ile-de-France, one of the best agencies that managed the crisis. An ardent advocate of vaccination, he was able to counter the “antivax” threats. The fact that he did so well during this period shows that he is capable of imagination and creativity. This is what we need because the health system is broken.

To achieve this, you need a person who is able to free himself from the administrative burden of the Ministry of Health and the Elysian vertical operation. It is necessary to change the software: the field must make proposals and the minister must sort the wheat from the chaff. Aurélien probably carries over his qualities and good understanding of the health system from his previous involvement in the Communist Party. The communists always understood that liberal doctors were on the side of the staff, because they guaranteed their protection.

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In your opinion, what should he do to face the two main crises, which are the hospital and the medical deserts?

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At the hospital level, everything needs to be rebuilt, we are no longer at the level of plastering. Aurélien Rousseau will have to renew the broken links with the nursing staff, showing a real ability to listen as well as to resume dialogue with private hospitals, of which we don’t talk much. As far as medical deserts are concerned, it will be necessary to break out of the usual do-it-yourself. The French need doctors, not another administrative medical structure. A station without a train is useless.

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What is Francois Brown’s record?

He left in good faith, he came from the field, but Emmanuel Macron “ate” him. Just look at the recent speeches of the Head of State about the hospital and the health system, François Brown was in the background, completely non-existent.

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