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10 things to know about Thomas Cazenave, a Macron loyalist, appointed budget minister

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1. The new deputy

Thomas Cazenave was elected deputy of the Renaissance in 2022 during the second round of legislative elections in the Gironde with 59% of the vote, against his opponent Nobis, environmentalist Catherine Kestari. The person who didn’t It is never defined other than Bordeaux In Canton, the hometown of outgoing Renaissance MP Dominique David. A specialist in local authorities and public finances, he joined the Select Finance Committee headed by the rebel Eric Coquerel, responsible for controlling the French state budget.

2. Strangers

If the names of several deputies from the presidential camp circulated before the reshuffle – Aurore Bergé, appointed to Solidarity, Astrid Panossien Bouvet, left on the sidelines finally, just like the elected Horizons Frédéric Valletoux – the name of Thomas Cazenave has not been leaked. Last minute option? According to Politico, the position fell to the Assembly’s current budget rapporteur, Jean-Rene Cazeneuve – moreover, Aureline Rousseau’s father-in-law was appointed Minister of Health. Also, Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Born favored the choice of Cazenave, a staunch Macronist, familiar with budgetary methods after stints at the Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF) and in the offices of Michel Sabin, in the Ministry of Economy, and Christophe Serouj, then Secretary of State for Industry.

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3. Defeat

His political career was not a long calm river: before being elected deputy, he tried to be elected mayor of Bordeaux, during the 2020 municipal elections, but to no avail. He reached third place in the first round – less than a point behind Poutou – joining outgoing favorite, LR Nicolas Florian. A new setback, because it is the ecologist Pierre Hermec who wins. Finally, he would abandon his former ally to found an opposition group of 100% LREM, in response to the original name “Renouveau Bordeaux”.

4. Overqualified

Science-Po, ENA, then he was appointed to the Inspectorate General of Finance … His biography is reminiscent of that of Emmanuel Macron. He is also a graduate of Normale-Sup Paris-Saclay and agrégation in Economics Management. A real label for the good student, overqualified. Moreover, he admitted that he had lived his first day in the National Assembly.” A bit like going back to school “.

5. Favoritism

At the age of 29, he met Emmanuel Macron when he joined the Financial Inspectorate, upon leaving the National News Agency. Together, they will work on the “Atali 2” report. Thomas Cazenave, in 2010, was appointed rapporteur in place of the future president who himself became a full member of the commission. And remaining close to Macron, the latter suggested him for the position of deputy head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Economy in 2016, before joining him in his campaign team for the presidential elections.

6. Special

Cazenave also passed through the company: first at Orange, as number two in human resources, then at Pôle Emploi, as deputy general manager. On the strength of these experiences, he was promoted to Mr. “State Transformation” in 2017, where he was responsible for steering the €700m envelope earmarked for the modernization of public services – a Macron obsession during his first term.

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7. Start-ups

Fighting for the inertia and slowness of the French public administration, in 2016 he co-signed an article entitled “The State in Start-up Mode” that encourages action for ” A reinvented, more agile and collaborative public action, “powered” by technological and social innovation The chapter on reforms implemented abroad is signed by Karim Tajeddine (a member of the McKinsey ministerial team, who assists the Attali Commission 2) and introduced by Emmanuel Macron.

McKinsey: Discoveries about the Macroni Super-Chancellor

8. Eco

Its strategy to accelerate environmental transformation? ” step forward [ses] ideas, rather than opposing them systematically Behind this declaration with macaronist accents, we must recognize some concrete measures, such as his bill aimed at facilitating energy renewal financing for public buildings, adopted in the Assembly at the beginning of the year. He also called for the creation of a “green debt” for local authorities, in line with the proposals of the Pisani-Ferry-Mahfouz report. By investing in the transformation, we will certainly increase the financial debt, but we will appear at the same time [aux marchés] We will reduce our climate debt.It is explained in the “world” columns.

9. Promotion

At Macronie, the Ministry of Public Accounts appears to be a stepping stone to positions of higher responsibility. His predecessors have suffered from it: Gérald Darmanin cut his teeth there before his appointment to the Ministry of the Interior, Olivier Dussopp in front of the central Ministry of Labor during the pension reform and the current reforms of France Travel … The last incumbent so far: Gabriel Attal, who has just been appointed Minister of National Education, is only 34 years old.

10. Austerity

Together with Bruno Le Maire, Thomas Cazenave will be responsible for taking on the risky financing bill (PLF) for 2024. The Minister of Economy wants ” Get out of debt »France reduced the deficit to 4.4%, compared to 4.9% this year. So Thomas Casnave will have to find 10 to 15 billion to save money. Will it be a matter of fighting arbitrary sick leave or reducing employment benefits, as the executive envisions? If so, strong shoulders will be necessary to lead the discussions in the Assembly, which promise to be stormy. Maybe use multiply 49.3.

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