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What Emmanuel Macron said about the riots, calling on ministers to “role by example”…

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A few hours after announcing a larger-than-expected cabinet reshuffle, President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday, July 21, before the government met in the Cabinet, with eight new members. Health, industry and the environment, he returned to the upcoming major projects, and sent a letter to his ministers.

• Choose “Continuity” and “Efficiency”

Confronting the government, Emmanuel Macron justified the amendment choices made with Elisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister: I revised budgets, pension reform, important texts on energy and the economy, and then implemented the 100-day roadmap. […] That is why I chose continuity and efficiency for the times to come, which open before us.did he say.

sequel after announcement

And also repeat “clearly” Ha ” trust “ To Elisabeth Bourne, to ensure that by her appointment to Matignon in May 2022, he was ‘A strong choice, not just a symbolic one’ And “Respect for an obligation has special meaning for our nation”.

Casseroles, Annecy attack, riots … “100 days” of appeasement Macron is very upset

for the coming months, “The path is clear and simple, and it is the path of the country’s independence in order to be able to establish a more just model.”. An independence that manifests a lot on the ground “economic, industrial, energy and military”, that geopolitics And “Financial”. “There is no steadfast politics if we are not independent.”Knock.

to achieve this ” model “The head of state returned to the aforementioned projects and announcements in recent months in the field of health, education, the environment, or even justice and immigration.

• Emergency Response in neighborhoods after riots

Three weeks after Nael’s death, Emmanuel Macron said he was going The need for emergency response in the neighborhoods after the riots that affected them. He particularly welcomed the text voted on to support elected officials in rebuilding damaged infrastructure. ” as soon as possible “.

sequel after announcement

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He is also worried about A.J “Danger of evasion [et] Deep division of the nation.” There is a need for authority, respect, and a legitimate expectation […] We need to learn from what happened and provide in-depth responses to it.”announced the Head of State, specifying that “You’ll organize a back-to-school action.” to the government.

Working-class neighborhoods: For Macron, the post-riot challenge

“It is a full and visceral response played out on a nation-wide scale that we must build.”did he say.

Calling on ministers to be “exemplary”

Confronting the government, Emmanuel Macron called on the ministers to do so “typical”. “You are watched in every detail of your actions, your expressions, your life, and what we owe the country to act, to explain, to respond, and to do so always with the highest dignity.”said the chief.

Reshuffle: Why Pap Ndiaye Didn’t Find His Place in National Education

In times when verbal violence and sometimes inappropriate behavior occupy too much space in the public space, government is expected to be exemplary. Knock. To be a minister means to lead his administration […]It was not mentioned in the post.”still fired.

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