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The US military is “deeply concerned” about the fate of its soldier in North Korea

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A senior US military official said on Thursday, July 20 “very worried” as much and “the way it can be treated” US soldier detained in North Korea after crossing the border with South Korea.

What we know about the American soldier who crossed the border into North Korea

“I am deeply concerned that Private (Travis) King is in the hands of the North Korean authorities (…) I am concerned about how he will be treated.”Armed Forces Secretary Christine Wermott said at the Security Forum in Aspen, Colorado (West).

sequel after announcement

It cited the case of Otto Warmbier, an American who was held in North Korea for a year and a half before being released in 2017 in a coma and died six days after returning to the United States.

“we don’t know much”

She added that Travis King, a second-class soldier who has been enlisted since 2021, is scheduled to return to the United States to face disciplinary action when he left the airport, joined a group visiting the Demilitarized Zone between South Korea and North Korea, and then crossed the border.

Christine Wermott explained that the US was still without news of its soldier on Thursday, despite multiple attempts to contact him, particularly via the United Nations, in an effort to find him. “To return” in the United States of America.

There is nothing the North Koreans want to hide.

“At this point, not much is known and I don’t think we’ve been able to successfully contact the North Korean authorities.”, she admitted. he “He assaulted a person in South Korea, the South Korean government detained him and he will return to the United States to suffer the consequences in the military. I am sure he faced it.”She said. “Maybe his mind wasn’t straight, honestly, but we don’t know.”she said again.

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