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Representative Sylvain Millard’s candidate to replace Aurore Bergé at the head of the Ennahda group in the Assembly

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On Thursday, July 20, his accompanying delegation announced that Paris deputy Sylvain Mayard would run for the presidency of the Ennahda group in the National Assembly, to replace Auror Bergé, and leave for the government.

Already Vice President of the Group, Vice President of Paris (1st District) “He will present his candidacy for the presidency of the Renaissance Group.”In a press release, his entourage said, very quickly after the announcement in the media of Oror Bergi’s entry into the government.

sequel after announcement

According to a Renaissance source, the group meeting should take place on Friday morning to prepare for the elections. According to a source in the group, the vote to appoint the new president may take the form of an electronic ballot, and it will take place early next week.

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Current President Orori Bergi was appointed Minister for Solidarity and Families on Thursday. Sylvain Millard, 49, had already assumed the interim chairmanship of the group of 171 deputies in the fall, during Aurore Bergé’s maternity leave.

Fond of games in the assembly

The head of an import-export small and medium company, this former Shirakyan who passed through the UDF, the new center and then the UDI, joined Emmanuel Macron in 2016 and was one of the spokespersons for his presidential campaign in 2017. In the process, he was elected in the first round of legislative elections in 2017, and then re-elected in 2022.

Aurore Bergé, a macaroni expert who “knows how to corner” at the Ministry of Solidarity

His personality is valued within his group and he is fond of games in the assembly, sometimes even heating up the bloody mustang and getting criticized by opposition MPs. In November, Sylvain Maillard found himself at the center of a tempestuous scene when Guadeloupe’s deputy Olivier Cerva was fired. “You will be silent!”At the direction of the Nahda deputies. The independent group Lyot, to which Olivier Cerva belongs, has accused Sylvain Maillard ” excitement “.

sequel after announcement

He was also appointed leader of his group during a tense exam at the Pension Reform Association.

At this stage, he is the first and only declared candidate to head the group. “In the Assembly, he is already called ‘President Mayar’.Recently, the elected Renaissance smiled for the right wing. Last May, he got the assembly to pass his bill on first reading “Erasmus Learning”and facilitating international mobility for work and study students.

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