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McDonald’s establishes sexual harassment unit after accusations

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Fast-food giant McDonald’s will set up a unit to investigate cases of harassment, sexual assault or racism on its UK sites, following accusations against 100 employees reported by the BBC.

In a statement received by AFP on Friday, McDonald’s UK and Ireland general manager Alistair Macro said the unit may refer reported cases to specialist investigators.

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“The charges heard this week are shocking, both personally and professionally.”He adds the MD who repeats his “nice apologies” For some ‘obvious failures’ in managing and preventing these incidents and attacks. Then he warns:

Any material breach of our Code of Conduct will receive strict action, including dismissal. »

wave of scandals

More than a hundred McDonald’s UK employees say they have experienced sexual assault, harassment or racism, the BBC revealed on Tuesday 18 July, the latest in a wave of scandals stirring #Metoo in the British business world.

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The fast-food giant had already faced charges four years ago, when the Bakery and Food Workers Union (BFAWU) alleged that more than 1,000 employees said they were victims of sexual harassment and abuse in their workplace.

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The fast food chain has 177,000 employees in the UK, the majority of whom are young people or even teenagers.

McDonald’s, a “harmful” corporate culture

Two years ago, a group of employees and former employees of McDonald’s denounced its sexist policy “regular” Inside the brand in France, with dozens of testimonials describing sexual harassment and company culture “Harmful”.

The former head of the group worldwide, Steve Easterbock, was fired at the end of 2019 for having an intimate relationship with an employee, in violation of internal regulations.

The McDonald’s Group established that the leader had concealed relationships with several employees and lied about the true nature of his relationship, which was made public.

In recent months, in the United Kingdom, in the corporate world, accusations of sexual assault and rape within the British Employers Confederation (CBI) have emerged, of sexual assault against the former chairman of the board of directors of Tesco, against investor Crispin Oddy or even a former journalist in the Guardian.

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