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Hunting continues, the wild animal is not found

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A wild animal, possibly a lioness, tracked in the residential suburbs of Berlin, remained untraceable on the morning of Friday, July 21, despite the widespread deployment of police, drones and helicopters, accompanied by calls for caution.

Police in Brandenburg, the area around Berlin, confirmed at the end of the afternoon that the vigil was still in effect.

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Residents of the many municipalities to the southwest of the capital are always advised to avoid forested areas, many of which are located in the respective residential areas that extend into the affluent suburbs of Potsdam.

Since the cats were reported, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the hunt intensified: more than a hundred provincial police officers, including special forces personnel, were mobilized with the support of hunters and a veterinarian. Drones and helicopters also work.

“Executive measures will continue until any threat to the population can be averted.”At the end of the afternoon, the police reassured. The testimony, backed by a video clip, taken shortly after midnight, is considered by the authorities to be reliable.

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“authentic” video

Two passers-by saw one animal chasing another. Brandenburg police spokesman Daniel Cape told AFP the alarm was sounded.

One was a wild boar and the other was clearly a beast, a lioness.He added, pointing out that “Experienced police confirmed it was probably a lioness.”.

Mayor Michael Gruber said at a news conference in Kleinmachnow, a small town near Berlin where the animal was seen. Assuming the video was original..

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Later, the alleged cats are seen “by police colleagues during the night.”confirmed Christine Schroeder, a spokesperson for the Brandenburg police.

no “Walking in the woods and jogging”Michael Groppert advised nearly 20,000 citizens of Kleinmachineau, and also advocated not to let their pets out.

Lutz Peters, a local resident whom AFP met, was worried about him “two dachshunds”. It may be the ideal food for a lion.note. “All night long we heard helicopters […] I’ve never experienced something like this before.”he added.

“I have to say I was a bit intimidated. He’s an animal of a different caliber than the average dog. I’m going home.”He was stopped by the police during his morning jog, said Thorsten Thade, a resident of the town.

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If the beast is caught, “He should be put to sleep if possible and handed over to the Animal Welfare Office.”According to the mayor.

“If this is a lion, I’ll eat my hat!”

The origin of the potential escaped lioness is currently unknown. No zoos, zoos or circuses have reported any people missing, according to police.

In an interview with the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel, circus director Michel Rugal, who is based in Tilteu, another nearby town in southwest Berlin, told how the police were woken up at 2 a.m. to see if he had lost a cat.

He expressed doubts about this warning of wild animals. “No more circuses in all of Germany have a lion or a tiger”He told the German newspaper.

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After watching the video, Michel Rogal said: “If this is a lion, I will eat my hat.” “The animal is very thin and very small.”He said.

According to him, it could be “Caucasian Shepherd”. “I have a similar dog at home, but he’s still there.”He said.

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