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Heavy Song of the Week: Harm’s Way ahead of politically charged “Silent Wolf”

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Heavy Song of the Week is a feature in Heavy Consequence that breaks down the best metal and hard rock tracks you need to hear every Friday. This week, the Medal of Honor goes to “Silent Wolf” from Harm’s Way.

Chicago standout Harm’s Way made a gritty comeback this week with “Silent Wolf” — the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album, common suffering.

The track marks Harm’s Way’s first new music since 2018, and it’s as if the band was tapping into pent-up anger for those five long years – only to unleash it in one blast. percussion drums and strummed percussion overwhelm the arrangement; Meanwhile, vocalist James Blige backs up the vocal conflict with politically charged lyrics delivered through an abrasive throat.

“‘Silent Wolf’ was born out of observing a persistent sense of mistrust of governing bodies and systems of power in our current cultural climate,” said Blige in the press announcement of the upcoming album.


Based on the pure vitriol flowing from the track, we’ll take Pligge at his word. dude drunk. There really isn’t any way to spot such aggression.

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Honorable Mentions:

Code Orange – “Take Shape”

It seems like we’ve been forever reporting on Code Orange hitting the studio with Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan – an interesting prospect. We heard the fruits of their collaboration earlier this week in the form of “Take Shape.” It’s a theatrical track with plenty of twists and turns, hitting all of Code Orange’s tendencies: a little bit of metal, some industrial, and a hint of grunge-y alt-rock. Corgan’s distinctive voice can be heard at the 2:40 mark in the music video, where he is given a full solo vocal part.

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Mondo Generator – “Death March”

Nick Oliveri will likely remember his time alongside Josh Homme on both Queens of the Stone Age. Oliveri was the madman screaming on those songs (“Tension Head,” anyone?), and his solo project Mondo Generator essentially became his outlet to make more hits. those songs After leaving the cat. In Mondo’s latest cut, “Death March,” Oliveri is still characteristically promiscuous — raw, mean, and doesn’t have to be fucked. He’s been a complex character over the years, but there’s nothing to underestimate his ability to deliver tough hard rock.

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Poppy – “Knockoff”

Poppy’s “Church Outfit” was the perfect teaser for their upcoming album zig. It was volume enough to get the point across without revealing too much – always a good way to publicize. In the vein of Church Uniform, the latest single “Knockoff” came with a big bonus, in that it sounds like a direct continuation of the previous track – almost like “Part 2” (the tracks are arranged sequentially at the top of the track listing). zig). The electrical industry is a hot commodity right now, and poppies are a major reason why.


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