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Donald Trump’s trial date is set for May 20, 2024

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The judge in charge of the case announced on Friday, July 21, that the trial of former US President Donald Trump, for his negligence in managing confidential documents after leaving the White House, will begin on May 20 of next year. Judge Eileen Cannon said the trial will begin in federal court in Florida.

At this point, the case of sensitive documents is the most dangerous for the former Republican president, which has been targeted by several investigations.

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Confidential document status

In January 2021, Donald Trump left the White House, his boxes filled with documents classified as a “secret defense.” However, the 1978 law required all US presidents to send all of their emails, letters, and other business documents to the National Archives.

Some of the documents included classified information about nuclear weapons, according to the 44-page indictment unsealed Friday, June 7. After several reminders, Donald Trump ended up returning a certain number, and then, after a search of his home, the FBI found thousands more.

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Shipped in mid-June with 37 charges incl “Illegal retention of national security information”And “obstruction of justice” And “false testimony”Donald Trump pleaded not guilty in federal court in Miami. Trial will take place amid the presidential primary campaign.

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