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Aurelien Rousseau, the new Minister of Health, is used to crisis management

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1. Surprise

“I leave the shit end”He said a few days ago when leaving Matignon. During the first year of Macron’s second five-year term, marked by the movement against pensions, he was chief of staff to Elizabeth Bourne. He was to be appointed Deputy General Manager of the Depositary Fund. His appointment to the government surprised more than one person. “I can’t believe it, he’s held the house through his grueling series of retreats. Not getting into too exposed a position.”He explained again at noon on Thursday, one of his traveling companions. Aurélien Rousseau, after turning down the job at the start of the week, has finally agreed to return to the front line.

2. Crises

Crisis management knows that. He was deputy director of Manuel Valls and then Bernard Cazeneuve in Matignon during the attacks from 2015 to 2017. He was head of the regional health agency in Ile-de-France when Covid struck and it was necessary to manage overcrowded hospitals, lack of equipment or the first deployments of vaccines. Dircab de Borne in Matignon, suffered the brunt of pension reform. dogma stick to it? He quotes this short message he received one day: “You have to go through fear and play with rebounds.” Former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said of him:

sequel after announcement

“He is a benevolent man, not ill-mannered. He has a great sense of the state and was always very present, including in times of crisis.”

3. History teacher

He failed Normal-Soup, and obtained a master’s degree in Medieval History. Then she studied for two years at a secondary school in Bondy in Seine-Saint-Denis. After Samuel Paty’s death, he said he put a mention of his first job on his profile in solidarity with him. “I wanted to say that for me it was not so far away. It was before the cartoons, but I remembered very well my hesitations, my hesitations, my doubts about preparing certain lessons, about religions for example”He wrote in his book “La Blessure et le Rebond” (with Odile Jacob).

4. Communism

He was raised on the left, in a very political family. Her grandmother became a communist with the resistance, and then elected to Alice for over thirty years. His mother, a home manager for young workers, was part of the PSU, the party of Michel Rocard. He himself was an activist in the French Communist Party, in the XX departmentH Paris district. He even sat on the board of the French Communist Party in Paris. With this hat he will enter the cabinet of Pierre Mansat, the Communist deputy in the Paris City Hall under Bertrand Delanoe.

Cabinet reshuffle: I go back to education and Shayaba leaves the government… What are the main changes?

5. Technical

Upon leaving the ENA in 2009, Willy Brandt was promoted, he made a detour by the Council of State and then returned to the cabinet of Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe. Manuel Valls’ cabinet entered Matignon a month before the Bataclan. He will remain there until the end of Hollande’s five-year term. Keep a bunch of them, say his socialist friends “very nice guy”a “happy bitch”. But poor digestion of plasticity. “His beliefs are left-wing? Suppose he is more a believer than a practitioner.”, Vice sounds influential PS. Dutch laughs:

“It is really Tartuffe, and it will find itself on the table next to Darmanin …”

6. Family

He has two daughters and a son. He has been married since July 2022 to Marguerite Cazeneuve, former health advisor to Emmanuel Macron, who is now deputy director of health insurance. The father of the latter, Jean-Rene Cazeneuve, is the Macronian deputy of Gers, and is also the general rapporteur of the budget of the National Assembly. A highly political family that also includes in its ranks Pierre Cazeneuve (son of Jean-René, brother of Marguerite and son-in-law of Aureline Rousseau, but no relation to Bernard, do you keep track?), parliamentarian for Hauts-de-Seine since 2022.

sequel after announcement

7. Satisfaction

President of the French Union of Free Medicine (UFML), the Union of Liberal Doctors, Jerome Marty, salutes his qualities in times of crisis: “As a staunch advocate of vaccination, he knew how to counter antioxidant threats. The fact that he did so well during this period shows that he is capable of imagination and creativity. To raise the health system, you need someone who is able to overcome the administrative burden of the Ministry of Health and the Elysian vertical process. It is necessary to change the software: the field must make proposals and the minister must sort the wheat from the chaff.”

Aurélien Rousseau to Health, “A Fairly Positive Choice,” according to the UFML Physicians’ Association

8. Construction sites

Among his projects as the new Secretary of Health, the most urgent is managing the overstretched General Hospital and combating medical deserts. Would he dare attack the freedom to install practitioners, this sacred totem of liberal medicine? Will he find more leeway than his predecessor, emergency physician Francois Brown? At the front of the hospital, unions have been on foot since a cap was placed on temporary workers’ wages on April 3, steadfastly awaiting it.

9. “Goldilocks”

In a book entitled The Golden Loop, published by Le Passage in 2016, he tells that he knew the hospital as a patient for several months, when he was 30 years old, when he developed Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disease. Paraplegic, hospitalized in intensive care, vital prognosis… He confides that during these first months on the ARS, he escaped the noise of the beeping machines. “The sound of alarms in the night is a kind of tattoo for life.”He tells again in his book Wound and Recovery. It also lists the violence of the Covid crisis. “Aurelien has an intimate and personal relationship with health”Aupes, a resident of Matignon, confirms.

10. Playlist

During the pandemic, he cried in the evenings in his car while listening to Christophe May’s “Les Gens”. And he made his whole family listen to Clara Luciani’s “The Rest”. He cites other great references, such as René Char or Milan Kundera.

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