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Aurelien Rousseau, the new Minister of Health, is threatened with a conflict of interest? HATVP should decide

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This reshuffle was surprising. Aurelien Rousseau, former director of the ARS d’le-de-France during the Covid crisis and former collaborator in Elizabeth Born’s government, was appointed Minister of Health on Thursday 20 July. But his joining the ministry in the prime minister’s third cabinet already raises questions about the risks of conflicts of interest.

Aurélien Rousseau is already married to Marguerite Cazeneuve, pension specialist and former health advisor at Matignon and then at the Elysée, who became number 2 of the National Health Insurance Fund.

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“There is no legal issue”He confirms before being promoted to “scientist” by Aurélien Rousseau, stating that he is leaving “by any individual decision it could mean”. And to add: “You didn’t wait for me to be in Matignon to be there, and I’m no longer a minister either.”

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When asked this morning, Friday, July 21, about the question, government spokesman Olivier Ferrand relied on the High Authority for Transparency of Public Life. ” The only question is about preserving jobs and we have a supreme body for the transparency of public life, which is an independent authority that should govern,” He said on the set of France 2.

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“Marguerite Cazeneuve is already very knowledgeable about health and solidarity”admitted, however She works in the service of the public, not in a private company.. “Personally”Olivier Ferrand, former Minister of Health and neurologist, “Do not consider it a problem to share your life with someone who has the same professional passion as you and who is very familiar with health policy”.

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Administrative green light…with conditions

The SSG, for its part, estimated that Marguerite Cazeneuve could remain No. 2 for health insurance, for “banish” From her husband no decision regarding her, the health insurance said on Friday.

According to the SGG legal memo cited by Cnam, “The requirements of impartiality that apply to members of the government do not in any way prevent the wife of the deputy director of the National Council for Women from being the Minister of Health.”.

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On the other hand, the minister will have to “It was made clear to the Prime Minister (…) that he would withdraw from any decision that would relate to his wife’s personal situation inside Kanam.”National Health Insurance Fund, sets the note.

Knam also noted that the High Commission for Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) “He will decide in the coming days the possible deportation mechanisms that the new Minister of Health and Community Protection will put in place.”.

Cnam General Manager Thomas Fatôme “I’ve captured the organisation’s ethics officer.”, as defined by the fund. An ethics official must “Establish (…) the additional system to guarantee the required ethical framework, namely the system relating to Marguerite Cazeneuve’s personal situation (appointment, remuneration…) and thus prevent any risk of conflict of interest”.

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