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A redesign without disruptions, more cosmetic than strategic

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Changes at the head of two main ministries, but a rather limited reshuffle: the Elysee Palace unveiled the new government team this Thursday, July 20, with the promotion of Gabriel Attal to education and, surprisingly, the arrival of Aureline Rousseau, former right-hand man of Elizabeth Born, to health.

“She Doesn’t Want to Take Pensions”: New Elizabeth Bourne Trial Period

Bruno Le Maire in economics, Gerald Darmanin in domestic affairs, Catherine Colonna in foreign affairs, Sebastien Licorne in defence, Olivier Dussopt at work, Christophe Picchut in ecological transformation and even Olivier Ferrand, for a certain period, as government spokesperson: the heavyweights remain in office after this reshuffle “idiomatic” Posted by Emmanuel Macron.

sequel after announcement

The head of state, who is determined to break with key figures in civil society and whose record has been mixed, will assemble a government as bloated as it has been so far, with 41 members in all. It must address the French by Sunday to close “one hundred days” that he had devoted himself in mid-April to turning the page on the pension crisis.

“stronger embodiment”

Waltzes to education and health, the priorities of the president’s second five-year term, give little respite to unimportant movements. Ministers and advisers have been describing since Monday a silent battle between Elizabeth Bourne, who hoped to renew those two posts at least to establish her power, and Emmanuel Macron, who wanted to preserve the cartridge of great unrest for more difficult times.

Ex-communist, crisis man… 10 things to know about Aurelien Rousseau, the new Minister of Health

The entourage of the head of state confirms this “In each of these files it is about either a stronger incarnation, or the ability to implement reforms more quickly and efficiently” “It is breathing new life and surrounding itself with allies”while keeping “Chance for a second adjustment to the European campaign”Adds presidential camp framework.

But according to Celine Braque, of polling institute Odoxa, “In terms of opinion, this result will be neutral or negative”. “The French wanted a major cabinet reshuffle by changing the prime minister and unpopular ministers who were going to leave the government.”She told AFP.

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In national education, the departure of the person who was the main surprise of the government in the spring of 2022 is recorded: Babe Ndiaye gives way to the outgoing Minister of the Budget, Gabriel Atal, 34, Macron’s rising star.

Reshuffle: Why Pap Ndiaye Didn’t Find His Place in National Education

The historian, often criticized by colleagues for his difficulty in leaving his mark on important files, gained the head of state’s support last week after being overshadowed by the right and far right over his accusation against CNews. “The signal sent is dreadful. That obsequiousness towards Bolloré”the owner of the information channel, lamented the patron saint of environmentalists, Marine Tonderier. ” Shame. “

Renaissance MP Thomas Cazenave succeeds Gabriel Attal on public accounts. Health Minister François Browne, an emergency doctor who on Thursday morning still hoped to save his chair, was finally replaced by Aurelien Rousseau, 47, the profile specialist who for a year led the government of Elizabeth Born in Matignon.

Aurore Bergé in Solidarity

Another representative of this civil society, whom Emmanuel Macron was keen to attract to the leadership of the country, is the Minister of Solidarity, Jean-Christophe Combe, who was replaced by the pure politician Aurore Bergé, the resounding head of the Ennahda group in the National Assembly. La France insoumise deputy Clémence Guette immediately named her a ‘A president who lied about pension reform’.

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Aurore Bergé, a macaroni expert who “knows how to corner” at the Ministry of Solidarity

Olivier Klein also left the government, and his ministry was divided into two parts: the motley left-wing mayor of Dunkirk, Patrice Vergeret, in housing and the Member of Parliament for the Renaissance of Marseille, Sabrina Agresti-Robach, close to the Macron couple, in the city, a file more sensitive after the urban riots.

Reshuffle: Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, from Marseillaise is close to the boss in the provincial bed

Other MPs enter: the Ministry of Defense Philippe Vigier to the Overseas Territories instead of Jean-François Carenko or even the Renaissance Rhetorician Virtue to the Disabled instead of MoDem Geneviève Darrieussecq.

10 things to know about Priscah Thevenot, the new Secretary of State for Youth and the Comprehensive National Service

Media spokeswoman for the presidential camp, MP Prisca Thevenot, inherited a project dear to the head of state, youth and comprehensive national service. She succeeds Sarah Al-Hiri, who is moving to biodiversity, a file managed so far by Bérangère Couillard. The latter was promoted Minister Plenipotentiary for Equality between Women and Men, replacing Isabel Roma.

Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy Marlene Schiappa will leave the executive branch after being chosen to run the Marian Fund.

sequel after announcement

Cabinet reshuffle: Marlene Schiappa’s removal from government, and the downfall of a macaroni character

Hard comeback

On Wednesday evening, in front of the deputies of his camp, Emmanuel Macron laid out for his camp the road map for the start of the school year: “innovation” to respond to riots, “Create an environment for progress and solutions” And grab the explosive issue of immigration so as not to allow “feeding extremists”.

However, the government still lacks an absolute majority in the assembly. After the ordeal of the Fire Retreats, Elizabeth Bourne would once again fight with blows “49.3” To pass the 2024 budget in the face of an opposition determined to fight it.

Furthermore, the cabinet reshuffle did not allow for the expansion of the majority to include certain members of the Republican Party, which he warned against “individual poaching”. “Everyone is home and the cows will be well taken care of”House Speaker LR Olivier Marleix rejoiced on BFMTV, saying the new casting wouldn’t go “annoyed” there French political life.

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