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How to Make TikTok French Press Sangria

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Don’t love this kitchen tool that serves multiple purposes? Example: the French press! If you’re used to using a French press to make your morning cup of coffee, you’ll be surprised to learn that a coffee maker is also useful for happy hour! And not only that, but it can be used to make one of our favorite summer cocktails here at The Pioneer Woman: sangria!

In a new way in Ereka Vetrini’s Tik Tok video, the French press is leveraged to create a batch of what she calls the “Coffee Press Aperol Spritz Sangria”. Now, this may not be your typical white sangria recipe, but Vetrini leans into the famous Spritz cocktail craze to create a drink that says “You have to #DrinkOfTheSummer.” But the combination of two classic cocktails didn’t catch our eye. Instead, it’s the way you make them.

A Vetrini fills a French press with chopped fruit (peaches, oranges, and cherries), then tops it with Aperol (a bitter liqueur) and Prosecco. After a few hours in the refrigerator, press the fruit into a French press and serve over ice. Why use the French press, you say? According to Veterni, “the press forces the fruit flavors to infuse more quickly into the drink.” It’s so cool! 🤩

Augie French Press Coffee Maker

Augie French Press Coffee Maker

Of course, we’re not the only ones to notice this. TikTok is abuzz with French press cocktails and it’s easy to see why! Just like steeping coffee grounds into water to make the perfect cup of coffee, you can juice fruit or other ingredients with alcohol, water, or juice to create a fruit-infused cocktail (or mocktail!). Not only that, but the French press also acts as a sieve. That’s why using a french press is great for drinks that require a stir, like a mint mojito, or even hot cocktails, like a hot dog.

If you’ve never considered buying a French press or are just looking for another reason to use one, consider trying French press sangria. Cheers!

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