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The final “adjustments” extended until Thursday

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Another night of suspense: a reshuffle in Elizabeth Bourne’s cabinet is now expected for Thursday, which is when the executive couple will last. “adjustment”with Gabriel Attal approached for education.

Casseroles, Annecy attack, riots … “100 days” of appeasement Macron is very upset

According to sources from the presidential camp, the announcement of the new cast, which is hoped for on Wednesday, July 19, will finally begin on Thursday. In the Elysee, where everything is played out, nothing gets away. The two meetings followed each other on Wednesday, on nuclear policy in the morning, and preparation for the Olympics in the afternoon.

sequel after announcement

Arm wrestling between Macron and Bourne

The only notable key is that the prime minister stayed on after the second meeting. With no doubt settings for arbitration to fine-tune the premier roster.

These frequencies give an image “iron hand” Between Emmanuel Macron and Elizabeth Bourne “About a reshuffle that wasn’t meant to be one”“Since the president initially hoped to reduce this sequence,” a Macron executive comments.

“She Doesn’t Want to Take Pensions”: New Elizabeth Bourne Trial Period

The Head of State is expected in the evening to the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Frank Riester, who receives the parliamentarians of the majority for the traditional aperitif at the end of the session.

A date that promises to be fair “baroque” From Tuesday’s dinner at the Elysee with all the members of the government, the future of some of the guests is still hanging in the balance, starting with that of Frank Riester.

sequel after announcement

I come to education?

Meanwhile, the ministers remain alert, waiting for the slightest sign. The fate of many of them, including Pap Ndiaye, that never happened “printed” Politically, for patriotic education, it seems sealed.

Budget Minister Gabriel Atal, 34, Macronie’s rising star, appeared to be holding the rope to succeed him. “With the crisis in the suburbs, the return of power is needed, and order in the school can embody it”says one of the consultants.

Teachers unions vote for Gabriel Attal

In the field of health, the future of François Brown, another civil society minister considered a very slim politician, is apparently not settled. In any case, he left the Elysee smiling after meeting at the Olympics. As for the official spokesman for the government, Olivier Veran, he can save his position, while the names of the two representatives of Ennahdha, Maud Bregon or Prisca Thevenot, have been deliberately circulating to succeed him.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State responsible for the Social and Solidarity Economy Marlene Schiappa, in everyone’s opinion, is about to leave after being chosen to run the Marian Fund.

sequel after announcement

Just like Solidarity Minister Jean-Christophe Combe. And according to sources from the presidential camp, he could be replaced by the head of the Ennahda group in the National Assembly, Auror Bergi, unless the position eventually goes to the deputy of the presidential party Astrid Panossian Bouvet.

Only one certainty, according to several ministerial advisors, “The president does not want a major cabinet reshuffle, the prime minister is pushing for”. finally, “five or six” The ministries are concerned, the majority counselor believes, when others mention dozens.

“nothing changes”

affiliate “adjustment” The scale may risk going unnoticed in the middle of the feasts, some say, whose maneuver is chiefly intended to draw out ministers considered too weak. The head of government, for her part, hopes to regain her strength after the retirement crisis and riots in the cities, with a more offensive and well-defined team.

For the opposition, the fight is still the same. keep Elizabeth Bourne, “It’s a sign that nothing will change.”insists the president of the National Assembly deputies, Marine Le Pen. “We will end up with a government in which ministers play musical chairs with each other and completely unknown persons appear”confirms his counterpart on the LFI side, Mathilde Bannot.

sequel after announcement

Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin, who appeared to hold the rope to Matignon before Head of State Elizabeth Borne confirmed it, could take for his part the title of Secretary of State, another sign of his growing weight within the executive.

For Renaissance Vice President Aurori Bergé, Elisabeth Bourne, whose ordeals have chained fires since her arrival at Matignon in May 2022, has anyway “earn respect” from his camp ” Strength of Personality “ Based on ” a job “.

But for 56% of the French, she remains a bad prime minister, even if her image has improved slightly since the start of the year, according to an ELABE/BFMTV poll published on Wednesday. More than 8 out of 10 French people think Emmanuel Macron has it “missing” for him “100 days” Released in mid-April after the pension reform.

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