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Catalonia, Aragon and the Balearic Islands are on red alert of “extreme danger”

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On Tuesday 18 July many Spanish regions were placed on red alert due to “extreme danger” Due to the heat wave, firefighters continue to fight a fire that has destroyed 3,500 hectares in the Canary Archipelago.

According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet), temperatures should fluctuate between 38°C and 42°C in much of the center of the Iberian Peninsula, and reach 43°C or even 44°C in the east of the country, particularly in Catalonia. Aragon and the Balearic Archipelago.

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In these three areas, put in “State of high alert”the ” Danger “ it will be ” Maximum “Emmett warned, relaying warning calls issued by authorities, who advised residents to stay home during the hottest hours of the day and cool off with wet towels.

This heat wave is the third of summer in Spain, but also the most intense. It has already caused extreme temperatures in the center and south of the country on Monday, with a peak of 44.9 degrees Celsius in Andujar in Andalusia.

Fire risk is ‘very high’ or even ‘extreme’

Aemet had initially reported a peak of 47°C in Villarrobledo (south), close to the absolute record of 47.6° measured on August 14, 2021 in the Andalusian city of La Rambla. But this number is called “Doubtful” From Monday evening, they were revoked on Tuesday morning by the Meteorological Agency.

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This heat wave, which is affecting the entire Mediterranean basin, has also led to qualified nighttime temperatures. “hot” by Aemet. In Madrid’s famous Retiro Park, the mercury has never dropped below 25°C, the highest level since the beginning of summer.

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Because of these high temperatures, the Ministry of Interior has warned of a fire risk ” very high “ until ” Maximum “ In the country, in particular on the island of La Palma, in the Canary archipelago, firefighters have been fighting since Saturday a large forest fire.

In total, nearly 3,500 hectares have burned, according to local authorities, and 4,000 people have been temporarily evacuated. The fire is still active. But the night was “a bit quiet”local emergency services official Manuel Miranda said Tuesday.

because of “deteriorating air quality” Because there “suspended particles”Residents of several areas of this island, affected by a volcanic eruption in 2021, have been called upon to limit their outdoor activities and wear a mask.

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