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What would change Elizabeth Bourne’s new characterization of “road homicide”?

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The Pierre Palmed case, the deaths last May of three police officers during a collision in Villeneuve-d’Ascq or the murder of a young girl in Trappes by a driver under the influence of drugs … While recent months have been marked by tragedies on the road, all linked to the abuse of alcohol or drugs, Elisabeth Born declared On 17 July several road safety measures were taken.

Among them: creating a pre-highway law for college students, better detection of inability to drive — especially among the elderly — or even increasing penalties for behaviors more dangerous than speeding. The government also announced that a “road murder” had been committed.

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Create a murder on the road

What is it about? This description relates to acts of manslaughter committed by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Same for unintentional injuries, reclassified as Traffic injuries. This procedure responds particularly to the case of Pierre Palmed. Under the influence of drugs, the comedian was suspected of causing a serious accident on February 10 in Cély-en-Bière (Seine-et-Marne) and charged “manslaughter”. In the following days, Gerald Darmanin entrusted the work with seal keeper Eric Dupond Moretti To rename fatal accidents caused by drugs and alcohol as “road homicides”.

What will this new qualification change? symbolic value at the beginning. “The term involuntary is no longer audible and this change makes it possible to name things better.” Inform the delegation accompanying the Prime Minister. Changing the name will not change anything in terms of repression because This measure is not accompanied by any harsher penalties that reach the maximum extent possible for the crime. Elizabeth Bourne Consultant Details. Penalties remain the same: up to five years in prison and a fine of €75,000, which increases to seven years in prison and a fine of €100,000 in the case of an aggravating circumstance (drugs or alcohol), up to ten years and €150,000 if several such circumstances are met. .

Drugs at the wheel: Road offenders are being given increasingly severe penalties

One step remains to be taken, and that is to register it in the law. This requires amending the Penal Code (Article 221-6-1) and thus the law. Precisely, a bill could arrive very soon, and right-wing MPs, such as Pierre Morel (Liot), are already showing themselves to toughen the text – by criminalizing road killings for example. For his part, Matignon assures him: “We will work with parliamentarians, who are very engaged, to make this happen as quickly as possible.” For road victims’ advocacy associations, the new name, which removes the adjective “involuntary”, is “recognizing the victims” expected for several years.


“What would change? Nothing, but I ask for one thing, to make a mistake.” Blows to “The Ops” Norbert Pinault, spokesperson for the Victims and Citizens Association. For Yves Carra, spokesperson for the Mobilité Club France association, this announcement Semantics rest. But he hopes This will encourage judges to apply rulings. We are not asking to strengthen them, but to actually apply the existing ones..

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For her part, Anne Lavaud, general delegate of the Road Prevention Association, wants to be more optimistic. For her, this new name will allow “To harm these murders by obtaining data and statistics,” Who can then used for prevention. This is the real lever for change according to Anne Lavaud who hopes Elizabeth Bourne’s Ministerial Road Safety Council (CISR) will be the first in a long line.

The government also wants to be tougher on drug driving. And Elizabeth Bourne announced the automatic suspension of the license – from six months to a year – in the case of driving under the influence of drugs, as well as the systematic immobilization and impoundment of the car. Eight points will now be removed, compared to six currently. The governor can for the time being decide to suspend the permit; “tomorrow it will be”Gerald Darmanin said. A decision praised by Yves Carra of the Mobility Club France:

“Before we are punished in case of recidivism, today from the first offense, it goes in the right direction.”

According to road safety figures, in 2022, 3,260 people died on the roads of mainland France. Stable balance sheet compared to 2019, the last reference year before the Covid pandemic.

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