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The United Kingdom imposes sanctions on Russians accused of “deporting” Ukrainian children

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The United Kingdom imposed sanctions on a group of Russian figures on Monday, July 17, including a minister and a well-known journalist, accused of playing a role in “Forcible deportation of Ukrainian children” from Moscow.

The new measures announced by London before the intervention of the head of British diplomacy James Cleverly in the UN Security Council target a total of 14 people and entities in response to Russia’s attempts to destroy Ukrainian national identityThe British government said in a statement.

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Of these targets, subject to a UK stay ban and asset freeze, 11 are more specifically targeted. “kids out” accused by the Russian authorities, which deny this.

Exodus of Ukrainian Children to Russia: Human Rights Watch The Alarm

Thousands of deported children

Targets include Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov and journalist Anton Krasovsky, once a figure close to the liberal opposition and LGBT rights activist turned pro-authority. The latter was called last year on the air of the Russian RT channel to ” Burn “ Ukrainian children, which led to his dismissal.

Russia is accused of transporting thousands of children to areas under its control in Ukraine as well as to its territory. Vladimir Putin is personally accused by the International Criminal Court, based in The Hague, Netherlands, of war crimes “illegal deportation” Thousands of Ukrainian children during the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The accusations were rejected by Moscow. According to London, at least 19,000 Ukrainian children are affected.

Sanctions against Russia: “The cost will remain very limited for the French economy”

“Through his horrific program of forced deportation of children and the hateful propaganda his followers spread, we see Putin’s true intention: to wipe Ukraine off the map.”This was stated by British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly before the UN Security Council in the statement.

sequel after announcement

Sanctions were imposed on the Minister of Culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova by London, in general for her “Supporting the Russian state’s anti-Ukrainian policies”.

In total, the UK has sanctioned more than 1,600 individuals and entities in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The European Union and the United States also vowed to hit the Russian economy hard.

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