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The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry notes a “mysterious, but distinct” relationship between Macron and Uber

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The final report of the Parliamentary Investigation Committee into the Uber files, published on Tuesday 18 July, suggests there was a connection “opaque” And “privileged” Emmanuel Macron tied him to the American podium.

“Uber has found allies at the highest level in the country… The intensity of contacts between Uber and Emmanuel Macron and his ministers attests to an opaque but distinct relationship, and reveals the inability of our system to measure and prevent the influence of private interests on public decision-making.” The report concludes.

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The President of the Republic, the Minister of Economy, at the present time, was following up on the report “secret deal” With the US company to drop its controversial app Uber Pop in exchange for simplifying the requirements for obtaining a chauffeured vehicle (VTC) licence. maneuver considered by the report ‘Great manipulation’quotes “the world”.

Uber Files: “We suggest creating a government ethics officer, as is the case in the association.”

“It is a challenge to legitimacy, and thanks to the aggressive pressure of public decision-makers, the American company has been able to compete unfairly.” Taxis, again brings up the report in its introduction.

Unfulfilled promises in terms of job creation

However, the committee was unable to determine the possible consideration of this “an agreement” As for Emmanuel Macron, but noted that Mark McGahn donated money to Macron’s candidate and participated in a fundraiser on behalf of En Marche, while still working part-time as a lobbyist for Uber.

According to the investigation committee, despite the support of Uber Promises […] In terms of job creation not materialized.”This assistance has contributed to creating an unfavorable situation for today’s drivers. Instability is now affecting workers from other Uber-style platforms.

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“Uber Files”: “Macron” Dealer or Agent of Influence?

Also according to the report, the establishment in 2021 of the Employment Platforms Regulatory Agency (Arpe), which is supposed to regulate the sector, only constitutes“A maneuver to circumvent the social rights of workers by creating the so-called social dialogue” to avoid a “Rehabilitation of workers’ activity as wage earners”.

Arpe’s boss, Bruno Mettling, himself was involved, a few months before his appointment, Consulting activities carried out at the request of AT Kearney [un cabinet de conseil, NDLR] acting on behalf of Uber. It was on the verge of Thinking about defining the framework that will be given to the social dialogue under construction.Prospect “conflict of interest”says Rapporteur Danielle Simonet (LFI) in the report.

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According to the items mentioned in the document by the latter, Uber also had “34 exchanges for the services of the President of the Republic between 2018 and 2022.”. She also indicated during the same period 26 exchanges with the Department of Labor, 25 with Percy and 83 with the Department of Transportation, which proves, according to her, the intensification of relations between the executive branch and the California corporation.

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Disagreements within the investigation committee

Of the members of the inquiry committee, twelve MPs endorsed the final report – all those from Nupes, the Liot group or the RN – but the ten Renaissance MPs and their allies, as well as the only elected LR, abstained.

Launched six months ago, the commission of inquiry interviewed 120 people including two former prime ministers, Bernard Cazeneuve and Manuel Valls, as well as two former Uber executives to try to determine Uber’s actions in France between 2014 and 2017.

He criticized Olivier Dussopp for opposing the labor inspectorate’s takeover of Uber

In the introduction to the report, Rapporteur Daniele Simonet (LFI) lamented the impossibility of hearing former members of the Minister of Economy. “Since the Investigative Committee Bureau has systematically opposed it.”

The head of the investigation committee, Benjamin Haddad (Ennahda), strongly criticized the conclusions of the report, and Daniel Simonet criticized the case. “There was no middle ground, no secret ‘deal’, no conflict of interest, no quid pro quo, contrary to what our rapporteur unsuccessfully tries to show.”He wrote in his foreword attesting to the severe disagreements between the members of the commission of inquiry.

The case was triggered by the revelations of Uber’s files, the leak of 124,000 internal documents collected by Mark McGann, a former lobbyist on behalf of Uber, and reported to the British newspaper The Guardian.

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