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Texas Deploys Floating Barrier On Rio Grande Against Immigrants

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A long row of huge interconnected floats runs down the middle of the Rio Grande. Greg Abbott’s big project is taking shape. In his day, Donald Trump was a wall-crazed anti-immigrant maniac built on the border with Mexico. The Republican governor of Texas swears by his floating barrier.

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The huge device, which began to be installed on July 8, should prevent migrants from Mexico from crossing the border river. The barrier spreads for 300 meters at the crossing point called Eagle Pass.

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The Rio Grande, which originates in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado before crossing New Mexico and Texas to empty into the Gulf of Mexico, serves as the natural and international border between the United States and Mexico for nearly 2,000 kilometers. In Mexico it is called Rio Bravo.

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These buoys will prevent people from approaching the border. And that process begins more or less immediately.”Greg Abbott during a press conference.

“The end of affirmative action will reaffirm America’s racial hierarchy for decades”

For his part, Steve Macro, director of the department in charge of public safety, explained that the system aims to deter migrants from attempting to cross and drowning.

The Texas governor regularly accuses Democratic President Joe Biden of not taking action to prevent waves of immigrants from arriving from Mexico. He warned that he would take action himself.

While it does not have a federal mandate, Greg Abbott considers that Texas ” The constitutional right to defend its borders..

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