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Spy phones, prison places… What Dupond Moretti’s Code of Justice contains

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Increased Resources, Criminal Procedure Reform and New Economic Activities Court: These are the main measures of the Justice Reform Project, which was examined in first reading on Tuesday 18 July in the National Assembly.

Remote activation of connected devices

In cases of terrorism, delinquency, and organized crime, cameras or microphones of phones, computers, and other devices can be connected remotely without the knowledge of the people involved to capture audio and images.

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Remote activation of these geolocation devices would be permitted for offenses punishable by at least five years in prison.

The reform simplifies some of the procedural rules: prolonged night searches in criminal matters, new rights for persons placed under intermediate status of assisting witness, and videoconferencing of a medical examination in the case of extended police custody.

The left is against these provisions “violation of privacy”. For its part, as Le Parisien wrote, La France insoumise evokes a “authoritarian drift” It mentions criticisms of lawyers or NGOs.

Justice bill: Activating phones remotely worries lawyers

More human resources and budget

In July 2022, the Estates General Committee for Justice, in its report to the Head of State, referred to A “A flagrant lack of human, material and budgetary resources”.

The Guidance and Programming for Justice bill aims to increase the ministry’s budget from €9.6 billion in 2023 to nearly €11 billion by 2027.

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and ratifies the appointment of 10,000 persons, including 1,500 judges and 1,500 clerks, within five years.

Additional prison places

At the request of the deputies of the republic, the National Assembly has added a target of 3,000 more prison places to the 15,000 places planned by the government by 2027. If the ambitious target is met, France will have around 78,000 places at the end of the five-year period. It currently has 73,699 detainees in 60,562 places of operation, with a total prison density of 121.7%.

Enhance the attractiveness of the judiciary

To enhance its appeal, the ways to get to the judiciary will be overhauled and open to new glimpses.

The reform provides for the creation of a new job, which is a job“notaries”To assist judges in their duties. Civil servants or contractors, will replace the current “lawyers assistant”in a more serious condition and without preliminary training.

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In the administration of the prison, contract staff may be assigned to “helps” supervisors and thus alleviate the staffing crisis.

Redrafting the Criminal Procedure Code

The text authorizes the government to rewrite the Code of Criminal Procedure by decree to order ” It is clear “ write it. This code has grown from 800 to more than 2,400 articles since it went into effect in 1959.

A committee of experts is in charge of this project, which began in January and which is supposed to continue for at least a year and a half. The minister pledged that the new law would not come into force until it was approved by Parliament.

Economic activities courts in the test

in nine to twelve jurisdictions and for a period of four years, “Economic Activity Courts”with expanded powers compared to commercial courts, targeting farmers in particular.

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a Contribute to economic justice It will be implemented in these new courts in order to encourage resort to amicable settlement of the dispute.

Poles who specialize in domestic violence

The text establishes centers specialized in combating domestic and intra-family violence in each of the 164 French courts. The Senate has planned for them to be operational no later than 1any January 2024.

Violence within the family: The four anti-victim ideologies that destroy the child and his protective parent

Within these poles, creation ” steering committee “ Based on Executive Committees A parliamentary report recommended it was one of the measures taken by the government, according to the Senate. Such commissions would make it possible, in particular, to ensure that the victim was informed of his ex-wife’s release from prison.

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