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Orange Is the New Black’s Kimiko Glenn reveals shocking details about the actors’ low salaries

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SAG-AFTRA is on strike, and the cast – like Orange is the new black Star Kimiko Glenn – They started talking. In a TikTok that has since gone viral, Glenn revealed shocking details of how little the cast received for being on the series, revealing that her latest remaining cast was only $27.30. Watch TikTok below.

In addition to the recent hangover, Glenn shared more details about the almost unimaginable economic conditions the show’s cast found themselves in. “We have never been paid well,” she said in another video. “When I say ‘I didn’t get paid well’ – you die. People were still waiters, people still had second jobs. They were famous as shit, world famous, couldn’t go outside.” [because they were so famous]but they had to keep their second job because they couldn’t afford it [keep them]. We couldn’t buy taxis to tune in.”

In response to comments that attempted to downplay the low residual amount by saying that the actors were paid up front for their performances, she made one thing clear: “Whether we get paid up front or not, my boobs live on forever — I deserve to be paid for the many fucking flows you have.” This shit gets her.


Details come from Glenn only days later The New Yorker He published an article taking an overview of the unfair compensation actors have received for being in the business Orange is the new black, which became a huge hit when it debuted on Netflix in 2013. With its popularity, the show set the benchmark for the streaming era. Streaming sites are no longer just places to watch shows that have already aired — instead, they can actually be the creators of what’s trending and new. But the contracts haven’t been updated to keep the actors fairly compensated. This was one of the factors that contributed to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

In another video, Glenn makes it clear that this unfair exploitation is not limited to Netflix. “[Sharing the details of the residual check wasn’t] out Orange is the new black For some unfairness.” “The problem was: We were the first of our kind, so everyone was kind of learning as they went along. It’s been 10 years now… The battle is really a lot to negotiate. That’s why so many actors really want to strike.”

SAG-AFTRA officially announced its ongoing strike on Thursday, July 13, putting Hollywood in a historic position as actors joined the Writers Guild of America in picketing lines against an alliance of motion picture and television producers. Last week, Deadline reported that a studio executive familiar with AMPTP’s strategy shared that he hopes to “break the WGA,” and “allow things to stretch until union members start losing their apartments and losing their homes.”


In another video shared on social media, Glenn talks about the importance of solidarity across unions and industries. “We’re up against people who steal money from us, and everyone else,” she said. “This is the battle we must all fight. We must fight together.”


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