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hot weather | Here’s where records could be broken this week!

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Many heat records are expected to be broken around the world in the coming days as a heat dome hits the southern United States, a hurricane called Charon (in Greek mythology, a character who crosses the Styx to the souls of the dead) forces the heat from North Africa towards Europe and the El Niño phenomenon continues to develop

Due to the low altitude, clear skies, and dry climate that have turned the valley into a veritable “hot air burner,” Death Valley (USA) can tie or record the highest temperature ever measured on Earth. And so she was hitting her Its own record is at 56.7°C110 years old!

Neighboring cities Las Vegas and Phoenix, as well as parts of Southern California, could break their own records earlier this week, as the city of Phoenix prepares to hit the longest consecutive day streak in… more than 43 degrees Celsius (Sunday, July 16, the city was seventeenH consecutive day). the current record who is he 18 days And it dates back to 1974. George, Utah, could also break the heat record of 47.2 degrees Celsius, according to The New York Timesafter reaching 45.6 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Health alerts have been issued for 16 cities in Italy, as Sicily and Sardinia are set to record the “highest temperatures on record” in Europe, the European Space Agency said. Two islands will conquer one Record 48.8 degrees Celsius Founded in August 2021 in the Sicilian town of Floridia.

Record temperatures are expected to continue in the town of Sanbao in China’s Xinjiang region this week after the region up to 51.7 ° C Sunday, one notch higher than the previous record set in 2015, it reported Reuters.

In recent months, countries around the world have experienced extreme weather conditions, including sweltering temperatures and record flooding. Last month was the hottest on record, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The European Union’s Copernicus Service on Climate Change. In addition, the month of July continued to break records. The Greek authorities closed access to the Acropolis Monument on Friday 14 July, instead The temperatures reached 40 degrees CelsiusSpain arrived Record temperature of 60 degrees Celsius on Earth ! Europe, which was named the fastest-warming continent earlier this year, is currently experiencing an anti-cyclone climate system called Charon, while El Niño, a weather phenomenon associated with warming temperatures, is bringing warmth to other parts of the continent. the world.

China broke the heat record on Sunday, just six months after recording the coldest day in its history. Jintao Station in Heilongjiang Province has It recorded a temperature of -53 degrees Celsius on January 22, well below the record low of -52.3 °C in 1969.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Mary Whiteville Roelofs

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