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Cinefest adds a French detective series to its Red Carpet Patron

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Cinefest Sudbury unveils the Raymond St. Jean’s Dusk for Hitman as the fourth red carpet hit of the year.

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Crepuscule pour un tueur will be presented in French with English subtitles, at SilverCity Sudbury on July 26 at 7pm.

Set in 1979, the film follows Donald Lavoie (Eric Bruno), a feared assassin working under the orders of Claude Dubois (Benoit Guin), a mob boss in southwest Montreal.

Donald is tasked with recruiting his ward Serge Rivard (Joachim Robillard), a petty crook who soon puts him in danger in a botched double murder. Donald escapes justice thanks to a lawyer for the Dubois clan, but it’s only a temporary setback for the detective sergeant. Roger Burns (Sylvan Marcel), who wants to convince Lavoie to become an informant.

To test the loyalty of a contract killer, Dubois asks him to eliminate one of his relatives. Donald disobeys and joins forces with other criminals to finance his exile in South America. Chasing the Dubois clan on one side and the detective Burns on the other, Donald finds himself caught up in a narrow vice.

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